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Optimizing Content For Mobile Devices

It’s the age of Google AMP and “Mobilegeddon”. A large number of Internet users are browsing the Internet using their mobile devices, and this has led to the trend of development of responsive sites, which can be browsed using both desktops and mobile devices. These days people are using different types of mobile devices from smartphones to tablets to wearable gadgets, which can be used to browse the Internet. The user friendly website design has gone one step further and now has become high on usability too. The content for mobile friendly websites is also different. The written contents need to be written differently and in a unique style.


Tips for mobile optimized content


If you are developing content for mobile websites, there are a few important things that you should know. Given below are a few tips to write optimized content for mobile devices:

  • Keep it simple: Get to the point fast. Mobile users do not have the attention span to read large and boring content. Even though web writing itself should be short and precise, writing for mobile websites should be more precise and short. Do not write long content for websites that are optimized for mobile devices. Moreover, the content that you write should be easy to read on a smartphone or tablet screen. Keep short paragraphs and use pointers for easy scrolling and reading on mobile devices.
  • Keep content different from the website: If you are creating two separate versions of a website – one for the desktop and one for mobile, you must make it a point to avoid rephrasing what’s there on the desktop website. However, information may be same and the statistics and data you’d use should not be changed unnecessarily. The content for the mobile version of the website should be short, crisp, and precise. But make sure that no amount of information is lost in the process. Webmasters often suggest that it is not important to give every information in details on a mobile version of a website. If the customers are interested, they can find out more either from the online stores or from the company itself.
  • Easy to find for the users: user friendly website design is very important if you are doing it to be browsed  using a smartphone or tablet. Mobile users are probably going to browse a website in the midst of their other chores. That is the reason you need to make things simple and the options should be easy to find on the website. You need to have organized content on the mobile website.
  • Mobile optimized sites also need SEO: The content of your mobile website will also be optimized for the search engines. So, when users browse the Internet using the mobile phone, they should be able to find your website within the top pages in search engines. In a recent survey, it was found that 1 out of every 3 mobile searches done are local. Moreover, there are around 61% of the users who call up businesses and stores after checking on their mobile devices. Since the screens of the mobile devices are smaller than that of the desktops, it is very important for the websites to be on top of the list in search engines. This increases the visibility of the website. So, it is very important to develop mobile optimized content for a user friendly website design.


Rules for writing for a mobile optimized website


The primary rules for writing for a mobile optimized website is that you have to put in a maximum amount of information about goods and services in as little words as possible. You must make every word count when it comes to writing content for mobile websites. Remove all superfluous words and write tight sentences. You should break up the paragraphs. Use easy words for writing content for your mobile website.

Secondly, you need to write titles that grab the reader’s attention. Mobile audiences are almost always on the go. That is the reason to grab their attention you need to write interesting titles and headlines. The title should be tight, interesting, and an instantly attention grabbing. Avoid jargons while writing titles for the content for a website. A punchy summary just below the title would also help you to attract and grab the attention of the potential customers of your website.

The introduction and summaries are as important as the conclusion

The summary of the article is one of the first things that a reader would see before checking out the entire content. That is the reason you need to make sure to make the summary interesting. Likewise, the content should end with an interesting note, question, or statement, which would help the reader remember the content for a long time enough. This will help to redirect potential customers to the official websites.


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