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Explaining The Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social media networks have become an inseparable part of the daily life of an average individual. It is highly likely that your customers use these networks as well. Due to the prolific nature of these networks, they have become great digital marketing tools. In fact, social media marketing can bring a significant number of benefits for the business and many companies have already implemented it as a part of their marketing campaigns. On the other hand, there are still executives who deny the usability of social media networks as an important digital marketing tool.

You will need to help your executives understand this importance so that the business can remain competitive in today’s world. You can use the following tips to do so.


Compare using competitor keywords


Drawing on the competition can be a powerful way to spur the executives into action. You should find out fiercely competitive businesses which have found success through the use of social media networks and compile a list of these keywords. Once you have a short list of the long tail keyword phrases that your business is likely to use as well you can approach the executives. All you need to do is present them with the list of keywords and let them conduct the search.


Perform and show case studies about competitors


There are bound to be businesses and organizations that have found success or garnered a number of customers through a planned social media campaign irrespective of their industry. You can easily find case studies on the niche your business operates in. Those case studies can be used to show the benefits of implementing social media as a marketing tool. Such studies will help to back your statements to the executives. There are good resources on the web which have such case studies and you are bound to find one for your niche.


Use statistics to persuade


Cold and calculated statistics can be a good way to convince executives of the importance of social media marketing. Just like case studies, it is not too difficult to find statistics related to your industry or niche. There are also analytical tools which can help you compare the performance your website to another, possibly that of a rival business. Executives will have to notice the difference in statistics between your company and the competition.


Analyze the financials of social marketing campaigns


Comparisons based on the financials and monetary aspect of your marketing campaigns can be a good way to showcase the importance of social media marketing. Of course, it requires quite a bit of work on your part. Moreover, the fact is that many executives are not even familiar with the actual budget of their marketing campaigns nor do they know about the returns that they gain in process.

You need to find out how much money is being spent on the marketing campaigns of your company each year along with the returns and revenue brought in by those methods. Then, formulate a budget for social marketing campaign and the possible revenue that can be generated by the investment. It is almost certain that the difference between the two campaigns will be significant. The results are likely to show that social media brings in more revenue at the same or lower initial budget.


Analyze the origins of sales


You need to determine the exact origin point of the sales your company has registered. Your business is likely to deal in a variety of advertising types and you should trace the sales back to each advertising medium used. Check if those mediums are quantifiable. Chances are that you will find it difficult to measure the success of the traditional marketing campaigns. The ROI of such mediums are rarely accurate and based more on guesswork than actual statistics.

On the other hand, new marketing tools such as social media networks are quantifiable. There are tools which can help you keep track of the sales that originate from it. The actionable data gained can be used to locate the strengths and weakness of the campaign which can then be improved upon.

This difference itself can be a vital point for the executives who will certainly love the ability to view and keep track of actionable data.


Show online presence of brands


You can open up the various social media networks and show the executives that there are conversations taking place about your business and products. The people indulging in such conversations will be customers who can easily be converted with the right digital marketing campaign.


Conduct a social media survey


It will not be too difficult to conduct a survey amongst your existing customers and find out if they would benefit from a social network marketing campaign. Chances are that they will agree thanks to the higher level of interaction brought by social media networks.

Ensuring a strong social media marketing campaign is essential for the success of a business in today’s world. Unfortunately, you will have to make your executives see the benefits if they are not taking any steps in this matter.


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