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Increasing leads with social media

Can you gain high quality leads with social media marketing? The answer is yes: absolutely you can. It is no secret that the social media landscape is shifting and with it comes many opportunities for businesses. Over 75% of internet users have social media profiles; that is 2.207 billion active social media users and 1.968 billion social media users accessing their profiles via mobile devices. The potential, therefore, for acquiring leads through social media is huge.

Every week, a marketer will spend around five hours on average on social media networks. Of course, measuring the actual returns on investment in social media networks can be challenging. There are many variables and metrics to consider. Nonetheless, the fact remains that social media can become a vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

How do you identify the opportunities and grasp it to acquire more leads with social media marketing? Given below are some of the tried and tested ways businesses have developed their brand and generated leads using social media networks.

1.Paid social media ads to gain leads

There is organic social media marketing and then there is paid social advertising. There are many great reasons why you should maintain a balance of organic and paid social marketing; organic reach will help you build deeper connections with audiences and paid will generate more traffic quickly. Here are some astounding case studies showing the efficacy of paid social marketing alongside an organic approach.

The bottom line is, you need to buy attention. Social media networks are saturated with content (see our blog about content shock and sustainable content marketing), and you need a short cut. Here is what happened when North American motorcycle company Castrol Moto used a highly targeted paid social media campaign for 6 months:

Paid social media marketing can boost your social media content engagement rates and increase leads

As a result of their paid social media campaign, Castrol Moto acquired more leads and increased their engagement rates/fan base. Money talks in social media marketing.

2.Niche down your social media platform to acquire leads

Acquiring high quality leads requires a targeted social media strategy. Everyone seems to be a member of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, but what about the niche platforms? Reddit forums, small business forums and Pinterest may just be the niche social media platforms for your business. If you are able to establish authority there and connect with users, a conversion may be more likely. Many brands opt for a combination of mainstream and niche platforms to maximize their lead acquisition.

Research the social media platforms your target customers are likely to be active on and tune in to their conversations online. Commerce related chat rooms may also bring opportunities for leads; you will be answering their queries/providing solutions there and then.

3. Focus and adjust the content

Using social media tools or Google Analytics, you can adjust your content to reach your marketing objectives. The key to generating targeted leads can be through your content. Through data, you can discover what type content receives the most views, engagements and click through rates for your website. You must make plans to ensure that high quality content is provided on a consistent basis to the audience. It is also important for the content to be displayed on the various mainstream and niche social media networks you are using.

Plans for making and using content can be simplified by social media calendars, tools and outsourcing the work. Many brands simply create a lot of content on a single topic at the same time. This is bunching and an efficient way to save time. The content can be developed in series so as to attract the targeted leads. For instance, you may create a series about how to use your products; offering tips and video tutorials. Of course, the content should be relevant to each social network you are using. It should also be easy to digest. Content marketing is an essential aspect of any form of digital marketing.

4. Become an authority or influencer on social media

A common denominator of all brands that have found success with social media networks is that they have established themselves as the authority in their chosen field. You need to showcase yourself as an expert in your chosen field. This will build trust with audiences, increase your brand’s credibility and reputation with time. People love to buy from people they trust; being trustworthy can help you gain more leads in the long run.

What are some ways to showcase your trustworthiness and expertise? Here are the top 5 ways:

  • Sharing genuine user generated content about your brand. Show off positive reviews and content created by your fans/customers. The most successful brands have many advocates generating a lot of positive content.
  • Build relationships with social media influencers. Connect and offer to help them with promotions. Influencers can provide a mutually beneficial relationship that offers many advantages. You will get more leverage from their large social media follower base, expand your reach and build a strong foundation for your brand. You cannot do it alone in social media marketing-win the support of social media influencers and strive to become one yourself.
  • Share content that adds great value to your audience’s lives. Video content, tutorials, guides, blogs and infographics that are relevant to your brand and audience will add more value on social media. You can find the social media platform that performs the best for your content and audience. By focusing on one or two social media platforms you can establish your authority better.
  • Give away high quality content for free-your time is very precious and by using it to create the best possible content, you are communicating to your audience that you care. Your expertise will be evident in the content you produce and the interactions you have with your audience. You can also create free videos and ebooks for your subscribers-many brands do this to build trust.
  • Live interactions with your audience-the emergence of live video platforms such as Snapchat, Blab and Periscope has made it easier for your audience to ask questions and connect with you. This is a great opportunity to show them your expertise and win new followers.

Establishing authority on social media requires time but is an effective long term marketing strategy. It will generate many leads in the long run as your reputation grows.

5. Think like a customer

Successful businesses cannot do enough for their customers and you should take a leaf from their book. Lead acquisition would be impossible without providing a solution to your customer’s pain points. Do you have what it takes to solve their problems?

If you were a customer, how would you like to be treated and spoken to on social media? Will you expect a timely response to your queries and aftercare? Consumers love using social networks to connect with their favored brands on a more even and personal level as such interaction is not possible elsewhere. As such, consumers are not afraid to voice their opinions and feelings on these platforms.

If you can handle customer complaints sensitively and work around the clock to make them satisfied with your products/services, you have the formula for lead acquisition. Consumers gauge from social media conversations your level of care, customers service, professionalism and authority. They will switch off if you make a hard sell the moment they become part of your network.

It is through conversations that you can help your customers get to know more about your business and brand. You can answer questions related to your business that have been posted on forums or social media networks. Always ensure that you answer the questions truthfully. This will help boost your credibility in the long run. You should not stop after answering the questions; ask them if you can help in any other way. Customers who receive such attention will be more likely to be grateful and this gratitude shows that they have become viable leads.

6. Timing is key

In order to generate leads successfully, you need to provide the right information and at the right time. You need to gently nudge the customers at the correct point of the sales cycle so as to convert the leads.

Once you know how to make use of social media networks, you will find lead acquisition to be a breeze. Alternatively, you can always hire a digital marketing agency to take care of all of these tasks. Be that as it may, harnessing social networks can become the key to your success.


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