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An All-in-one Guide to Master Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Whether you run a small business or a big enterprise, the common challenge that every brand faces these days is to find an effective way to communicate with their target audience. In fact, the more expansive your business is, the more daunting it becomes to have a core demographic that will see your brand as authentic and relatable.

This is the reason why everyone is trying their very best in their respective promotional campaigns and thanks to the dominance of social media; the dimension of online inbound marketing has changed drastically. Speaking of which, Instagram is one of the most valuable social media marketing platform brands can avail, but the real challenge is how to target a robust audience base on the platform who will view your business as reliable. This is where influencers come into play.

Who Are Influencers and How Can You Identify Them?

Influencers are people who already have a large audience base on social media and are generally classified into two categories:

  • Macro influencers: Macro influencers are basically individuals who are popular among a large number of people. They are generally social media celebrities who possess an extensive audience reach.
  • Micro influencers: These are people who build their follower base through consistently displaying relatability and authenticity, which are two main attributes you should be focusing on while looking for an influencer.

How to Determine a Reliable Influencer?

While you are on the search for a potential influencer to team with on Instagram, here are some of the key characteristics to keep in mind:

Audience Size and Engagement

Although it is natural for you to go for the influencer with the most number of followers, sometimes this tactic might not work for you the way you want. For instance, what is the point of collaborating with some who has 50,000 followers but no effective user engagement on posts, while an influencer with 20,000 followers obtains 8,000 likes and comments on his/her post? In general, audience size and engagement go hand-in-hand when you look out for an influencer on Instagram to maximize your ROI. That is why, for better results on Instagram, you should consider working with sources like

The Right Match Influencer

Next, it is critically important to ensure that the influencer you are partnering with is a good fit for your business. It will not make much impact if the influencer’s audience base belongs to an entirely different demographic. Choose the influencer who at least knows about your business or operates in the same industry. Ensuring a right match between the influencer and your brand will provide the followers with an idea that both the influencer and your business are relatable and authentic.

Former Endorsements

Another important factor you should look into is the brands and its offerings your prospective influencer has endorsed or recommended previously. Moreover, check if they have worked with businesses similar to yours or even with your peers in the industry, this will give you an idea regarding working with them.


While identifying a prospective influencer on Instagram, make certain you keep the aforementioned tactics in mind. Your main goal is to reach a quality audience for better results rather than simply engaging with a large follower base.


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