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Mechanics of Lead Generation That Actually Work Today!

Marketing and lead generation are like two peas in a pod. Lead generation is an integral part of the inbound marketing strategy that is helping thousands of companies find new markets online. Digital inbound marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses aspects of social media marketing, email marketing, and push-notifications as well. All in all, no marketing strategy that exists today is complete without any lead generation feature.

There is no “one perfect” formula for all companies

Depending on the brand, the kind of business and the budget of the marketing campaign, the mechanics of lead generation can vary incredibly between different ventures. In fact, studies have shown that different kinds of techniques work on different crowds and at different times of the year. Without going too much into boring statistics and case studies, here are some of the methods that have always worked ever since lead generation in inbound marketing became the mainstream norm for businesses.

The intricate mechanics of lead generation for smart entrepreneurs

When a random visitor chances upon your business on social media or in one of his emails, he must find the instance compelling enough to act upon it. You need to have a visible guidance system for your visitor, so they know what they have to do next! has all the secrets of lead generation techniques and mechanics you need to know today for your sales to soar.

CTA: your call to action or CTA can be a button or an image or a live link. Is your website CTA or email call to action visible enough? Perform a squint test to find out. Take a step back from the monitor, squint your eyes and check the page. Does the CTA remain prominent enough even when you squint? Some spirited designers like to take help from a few shots of whiskey before running this test, but we do not strictly recommend that!

Landing page: how does your landing page look? Ideal landing pages come with a sign-in and a sign-up option. Using lightboxes in designing these sign-up forms is one of the best ways you can transform your visitors into your subscribers. It is an efficient way to build an email list. One of the prime reasons you need a landing page is to generate new leads for warm calling, hot calling, and email marketing.

Contact forms: you can include them in a well-constructed “About Us” page, or you can keep one at the bottom of each page (in the footer section). One of the practical ways is to introduce the subscription form as a trade currency on your website. You can offer complete access to your blog content and videos in exchange for their email addresses and contact details. It is like an old-school barter system that helps companies set up their contacts list and gather leads.

You must remember you need not choose only one mechanism for lead generation. You can modify your website and your online marketing strategies to fit your lead generation requirements. Online inbound marketing has made the process both economic and rewarding for companies of all statures.

Author bio: Jim Lloyd is a marketing expert. He loves to write blogs in his free-time. His contribution to has earned him a significant followership on social media.


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