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Tips For Better Mobile Marketing

In today’s world, people are using smartphones and other mobile devices in larger numbers. The rate is on the rise and this trend is likely to continue for the foreseeable future. With the rising number of mobile users, it has become imperative for businesses to follow the trend and opt for mobile marketing in order to connect to their customers. Your business must give importance to the mobile sector in your digital marketing activities if you desire your message to reach your customers.


Are you ready for mobile marketing?


Most businesses start investing in mobile marketing strategies without even analyzing their capabilities for such an activity. If you are unable to provide an excellent mobile experience for your customers, you will not gain any benefits from using mobile marketing. As such, you need to approach this strategy carefully. You must determine the objectives of your mobile marketing activities and outline the results you wish to derive from it. Once you have found out what you want, you can develop a mobile marketing strategy accordingly.Here are the mobile marketing tips you can implement for your business.


Mobile friendly website


A mobile friendly website is critical to the success of your mobile marketing campaign. Your customers want to enjoy the same experience on their mobile screens that they get on the desktop. Unless you provide a similar experience, your customers will leave out of frustration. At the same time, the website should be constantly updated with the changes in mobile technology. Reduce the data size of your website while increasing the loading times of the pages. In the latest update by Google, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) will return results for mobile websites that load faster and uses AMP HTML codes.


Implement responsive design


Responsive design is a must especially if you are planning to start mobile marketing through your website. Responsive design ensures that the content and the layout of any webpage is adjusted according to the size of the screen used for viewing it. Your customers will have a better experience irrespective of the device being used. Responsive design can be a great way to save money as well. After all, you can provide an excellent user experience without the need for a different website just for mobile users.


Email optimization for mobiles


Apart from visiting websites, mobile users do use their devices to view their emails. In fact, a significant portion of emails are viewed on their mobile devices. On the other hand, marketers rarely bother optimizing their marketing emails for viewing on the screen of a mobile device. You will be losing out on quite a few leads if you do not optimize the emails. It is very important that your customers have a good experience even with their emails if you wish to reach out to them and generate leads. It is not too difficult to optimize the emails. For example, the images can be resized or calls to action added.


Marketing with SMS text messages


Since you are already targeting customers through their mobile devices, you can just as easily utilize text messages for your digital marketing needs. However, it is important to provide something of value as this method is often improperly used. The arrival of a text message is often an interruption. As such, if your text messages are not valuable enough to be worthy of the interruption, your customers are likely to get irritated. You should send valuable or limited offers to the customers. Tips and tricks are other good options as they are less likely to be viewed as unnecessary interruptions.

At the same time, you should keep a tight rein on the frequency of your messages. Frequent messages will irritate the customers. You should keep monitoring the unsubscribe rates and click-through rates whenever you change the frequency of the messages. You can even ask your customers to choose how frequently they want to get your marketing messages.


Use social media


Social media platforms and websites are among the most frequently visited from mobile devices. You should not forget to implement them in your mobile marketing campaign. In fact, you can actually boost the effectiveness of your mobile marketing strategy by implementing certain aspects of social media platforms.


Easy content


Being concise will be a valid point in your mobile marketing campaign. Mobile users rarely have the time to read loads of content on their devices. Moreover, they do not want to scroll through lines of content just to absorb the basics. This is a major difference between the way users view and browse content on their mobile devices and their desktops. Content marketing for the mobile sector involves the use of short pieces. For example, you can just display the headline and a summary for each blog post. Of course, you must ensure that your customers can get the complete content through links or other methods if they need it.

Mobile marketing can become an irreplaceable part of your online marketing activities if you can use it properly. In 2017, it has become more essential than ever to use mobile marketing strategies as more and more customers are using these devices for their shopping and browsing needs.


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