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9 Ways To Absolutely Nail Lead Generation And Management

How will you handle and attract leads on different platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. It’s a simple question and only a few companies have a definite answer to it. More often there is no right process in place for generating leads starting from the entire process of first conversion to the end of sales closing. As marketers we spend absurd amount of time just to generate leads. For most of us the end goal is to generate leads who in turn will become our paying customers. Given here are the 9 proven actionable ideas energizing in order to energize your lead generation efforts.

Using High Value of Formats: Not all the offers in terms of lead generation are equally created. Some formats offer better than what others might lead you with when compared to converting leads. For instance what according to you is more reliable, is it a white paper, eBook, or a case study? Below given are some of the major offers in terms of performance that will help you generate the most amount of leads.

  • Live webinars
  • Kits ( Multiple offers packed together)
  • On Demand videos
  • Blogs when you have a CTA involved in it.
  • Blogs when you have a nav or side bar.
  • White papers
  • eBooks or Guides
  • Case studies
  • Research and Reports
  • Templates or Presentations
  • Demo requests
  • Contact Sales or RFP etc (More sales related offers)

Whitepapers are effective lead generation content

Placing a CTA button where the eyes can see: Call to actions do the best when added above the fold – a space where your webpage is easily viewed to the user without having a scroll down. According to the heat map analysis anything that is added below the fold is viewed only by 50% of the individuals who visit your page. Doubling your impressions on CTAs will significantly help in increasing your lead count.

How to place your call to action button for lead generation

Consider implementing a lead score system: The process of lead generation is not just about increasing the quality of your leads, but also to raise the quality of those leads. Lead scoring is one of the best ways to ascertain if your leads are in quality, then the sales team need to close with more deals. Leads scoring helps you evaluate the behaviour of your prospects, followed by actions taken by them while interacting with your brand. This will also help you determine whether the individual prospect demonstrates sufficient interest in order to be considered as a hot lead for your sales system. This again is accomplished by examining the various actions taken by your brand, for instance whether they viewed a specific page on your website, whether they have expressed interest in demonstration of your product, or stage where the prospect happens to be in the sales funnel.

lead generation through the sales funnel

Using Twitter Cards: Twitter cards has made it easy enough for the marketers to capture leads right in the activity stream using lead cards. This is equivalent to the sign up box you see in leads card. It’s actually the twitter sign up cards that we come across in most of the business blogs. Twitter is not just putting on smoke and mirrors either. Web trends decided and added the twitter lead generation cards to test increasing the leads tenfold lowering their costs to 500%. Fortunately twitter ads are pretty enough to set up and lead generation cards are free to use. Trust me it’s not any rocket science.

How to use Twitter ads for leads generation

Sending slide share traffic to your landing page: With more than 60 million monthly visitors you will definitely not want to miss using Slideshare. Do you know that with a pro plan you can collect leads using the right platform? Slideshare is one of the best ways of generating leads. As Ana Hoffman suggested in her epic Slideshare traffic case study, you can directly link your landing page to the Slideshare followed by the description in your profile. Ana has successfully made Slideshare into her second largest referral source from traffic. And in case you want to breakdown into tactics that she has used to generate leads through slide share you can check them out here.

Speaking at an event: Being a speaker at a physical event can yield you with high quality leads. As a presenter of the event you hold a position of authority. If the talk goes well you are sure you will find prospects and you can use these connections to find more leads. As a part of the marketing plan that drove more than 10,000 new users in just two years, crazy egg founders will then speak at any and all marketing events that would have them. Not all events that are matched up perfectly with the product but each one brought in new customers.

Make the forms appear shorter: Sometimes we come across individuals who will not like filling the contact form just because it’s two long and is time consuming. If our contact form requires a lot of field, try making the form look shorter and better adjusting the styling. For example by reducing the space between fields, or align the titles to the left of each other instead of above so that the contact form appears shorter and looks better. If the form appears shorter it indicates you are asking for something lesser.

More landing pages is equal to more number of leads: According to a recent study conducted by bench mark organizations, see an increase of 55% in leads when they have 10 – 15 landing pages. In short the more content, landing pages, and the offers you have for your customers the more opportunities you will continue to have generating leads for your business.

Sharing a Success Story: Want an easy way of sharing content with your b2b audiences instead of lead generation process. Try and use information you already have on your fingertips. Have case studies or success stories being shared from your clients. Make it look actionable, in others words what others can learn from it. Are there any 3 – 5 take away’s they could implement in their business to gain some results? Once you make sure that your case study is valuable in or itself, try adding the link in itself with more information on your products and services followed by how they can connect with you.


To conclude

Generating leads online and leads management is one of the best ways of transforming your business. By having some great offers, landing pages, good CTA and form reduces the cost per lead and delivers high quality prospects to your sales team. So how many lead generation ideas have you used for your business among the ones mentioned above. Let us know in the comments section below.

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