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Using the Facebook Dislike Button can benefit your business marketing in several ways
20, Sep 15

Facebook Dislike Button

Facebook Dislike Button Mark Zuckerberg revealed in a recent press release that Facebook is working on a dislike button. He maintained that the dislike button will be used for empathy and solidarity in posts that rile the nation. Since it is easier to like a post on Facebook than to express disapproval, this will be […]

Mobile Adspend is increasing and will exceed newspaper advertising by 2016
18, Sep 15

Increase In Mobile Adspend

Mobile Adspend On The Rise More and more advertising money is being spent in the realm of mobile advertising. According to ZenithOptimedia, 2016 is the year mobile advertising will surpass newspaper advertising and account for 12.4 percent of all global adspend. Whilst the figures may seem drastic, mobile advertising has become one of the most […]

What determines the price you pay for celebrity marketing and how much should you pay?
10, Sep 15

How Much To Pay For Celebrity Marketing?

How Much Is Celebrity Branding Worth? Connections are important. Whether that be collaborations or leverage through other people’s fame, connections get us further in marketing (and arguably, life). If you have a great product that you foresee taking off after one or two celebrity campaigns, why not go for it? Let’s stop one second and […]


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