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The Best Digital Marketing Blogs To Read In 2016

Digital marketing is changing fast. In order to be successful in the digital space, marketers and business owners need to stay informed and on top of the game.  Converting leads into customers require experience and an awareness of marketing trends. How do consumers consume their content in 2016? What social media channels will your target demographic be using? What new digital marketing tools will enable advanced analytics for measuring and tracking your digital marketing efforts? These are questions marketers need to know the answers to. Many brands already hire digital marketing agencies to help them out; they trust digital marketing agencies to be informed and competent in the latest digital marketing methods.

It is vital at the same time for executives to be informed about the latest digital marketing trends. This way, they can understand the different content strategies and why they are needed. They need to know what justifies the marketing spend. Fortunately, there are many resources readily available online to help marketers and executives alike. Blogs written by experienced marketers are highly valuable. These influencer marketers provides valuable insights through blogs or content distributed through social media platforms. As any marketer will tell you, knowledge is power, and being up to date about the consumer trends will help your business to thrive. Since time is scarce in acquiring this knowledge, here is a selection of the best digital marketing blogs to read in 2016.

Recommended digital marketing blogs 2016

Convince and Convert  : Great insights into conversions from content marketing. An essential read for marketers in 2016, where social media and content marketing matters more than ever. : Thought provoking marketing blog from thinker and business man Seth Godin. If you like to learn from a brilliant mind, this blog will dissect many aspects of inbound and brand marketing for you.

Entrepreneur : Perhaps too watered down business school/generic for some, this is nonetheless a treasure trove of marketing information for entrepreneurs in 2016.

WordStream: The valuable blog manages to be practical and engaging at the same time. Covers in depth topics such as PPC, analytics, social media ROI and email marketing.

CopyBlogger Blog : Content marketing insights at its finest. You can learn a lot from the practical posts.

Search Engine Watch: This informative blog covers all aspects of search engine marketing such as PPC and SEO. Very good for industry updates and SEM trends.

Vertical Response: The Vertical Response blog is ideal for small businesses learning about email marketing. It contains up to date and actionable posts related to email content. If you’re short on time, the posts are perfect 2 minute reads.

Read Write: The blog section is brimming with news about marketing, startups, new technology and emerging web apps. A must read for anyone interested in coding and technology startups. Inbound blog covers topics related to inbound marketing, SEO and content marketing. The content is intelligent and highly practical for anyone in the digital marketing sphere

Lewis Howes Blog: Lewis Howes is highly knowledgeable about LinkedIn and social media marketing. His website is full of content treats such as guides, tips, videos, podcasts delivering value for marketers and business owners alike.

EConsultancy:  An informative and high quality blog covering all aspects of B2B and B2C marketing. The insights are valuable. Moreover, it will keep any digital marketer updated about the fast paced world of ecommerce marketing.

SproutSocial: Detailed and actionable blog about social media management. A must read to learn about social media analytics and content marketing for social platforms.

Unbounce: Delving into the subjects about conversion rates and A/B testing, the Unbounce blog adds value for any marketer serious about lowering their website bounce rates/increasing conversions.

Brian Solis Blog: Intelligent and analytical, Solis Blog is just like the man himself. After reading his posts, you feel like you have grasped a better picture of online marketing and the underlying principles.

Hootsuite Blog : Valuable blog about social media, automation and other digital marketing topics

Social Media Examiner : Keeps you updated about the world of social media marketing. If you are implementing social media marketing in 2016, this is a blog to bookmark.
Digital Marketer Blog  : Helpful content about tracking digital marketing and other strategies

HubSpot Blogs  : High quality marketing blog filled with insights and tips. The blog is a great example of content that delivers value for Hubspot users and target customers alike. 

MOZ : Moz Blog is a great in-depth resource for anyone interested in SEO and inbound marketing. The content quality about SEO is consistently high and actionable. It is always on the ball and the comments section is worth a read too.

KISSmetrics Marketing Blog : Fresh online marketing tactics and advice from top marketing influencers. 


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