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GIF Digital Marketing Trends

In an era of fast changing consumer trends, GIF is fast becoming the content marketer’s best friend. Along with infographics and video, GIF is visual content with extra oomph factor. With 41.7% of websites using GIF and big companies such as Facebook, YouTube, Baidu, Amazon, QQ and Twitter integrating GIF in their content, the GIF is not to be overlooked.

GIF marketing is fast becoming an essential visual element in contentGIF digital marketing for brand's content marketing

GIF digital marketing used by brands

Brands in the fashion, food, media, design, automobile and entertainment sector are utilizing GIFs in their content marketing. Although GIFs have existed for many years, the short form video is gaining traction with content marketers on social media.

GIF content marketing for brands is gaining traction

Autoplay features that play loops of GIF videos have a mesmerizing effect on viewers; brands are beginning to realize the longer term effects of GIFs on their viewers. More viewers recall visual content compared to text-only. Moving visuals are proven to have more impact than static visuals alone.

Recently, Brazilian brand Kuat joined in the GIF branded content:

Branded content are integrating GIFs to increase brand awareness

Kuat brand GIF

The frame by frame simplicity of GIF content marketing delivers a great impact within a short amount of time. With shorter attention spans and vast amounts of content being posted on social media, GIF content marketing is one way to stand out for brands.

Tumblr GIF branded content

Tumblr is working with influencers and brands to create GIF integrated branded content. As an influential website for GIFs, 90% of Tumblr’s content is in GIF moving image format. In January 2015, Tumblr announced that a new network, called Tumblr Creatrs will be coming soon for collaborations between brands and creative artists.


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