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Important Marketing Lessons From Koko By Kylie Cosmetics

At 6:00pm Eastern time, Koko by Kylie Cosmetics has been launched. The highlight of this makeup collaboration between Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian is a brand new makeup palette with rose gold colours.
According to Forbes, Kylie Jenner is the world’s youngest self made billionaire and her cosmetics empire is worth more than $900 million in retail value.
Here are some vital marketing lessons from the success of Koko and Kylie Cosmetics:

Collaborate with trusted influencers

Khloe Kardashian And Kylie In Launch Of Koko by Kylie cosmetics

For the launch of Koko by Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie collaborated with Khloe Kardashian who has 94.8 million followers on Instagram and a strong social media presence. Koko funded a large scale digital marketing campaign on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. With this much social media following and social credibility, the launch is a surefire marketing success.

Leverage your social media followers

Kylie is a brand that has 138 million followers on Instagram alone, and this is growing by the day. Self promotions and building relationships on social media is key to Kylie Cosmetics success. Kylie’s followers were anticipating the launch of Koko since she mentioned a collaboration with Khloe Kardashian; the perception of her personal brand is so high, many people are willing to be brand ambassadors without pay.

Encourage user generated content

Influencers, sponsors and bloggers working with the Kylie Cosmetics brand have helped to spread the word about the Koko launch. #kokokylie #kyliecosmetics and #kyliemakeup are popular hashtags to monitor social conversations about the Kylie Cosmetics brand. User generated content is perceived as more authentic and impartial, so this helps to promote the brand to new audiences.

Leverage marketing advice and funds from family/friends/serious investors

Kylie have taken aboard marketing advice, business mentorship and investment from friends and family in launching Koko by Kylie Cosmetics. Traditional marketing and digital marketing advice from people experienced in the beauty industry is invaluable. In addition to financial advice, Kylie would be given expert advice on how to invest her marketing dollars to achieve maximum ROI. Reinvesting profits into marketing is key to Kylie Cosmetic’s future success. Investing in agile, strategic marketing and the right platforms is highly profitable and it pays for itself.

Social listening and collecting audience data

When it comes to knowing her audience, and gaining insights from social listening, Kylie is an expert at this. We know that social listening can inform your content strategy; it takes feedback in its strides when creating content. Kylie’s demographic is female Millennials with interest in beauty and disposable income-she uses data collected from her SnapChat, Instagram and YouTube channels to market her brand. When it comes to executing a marketing campaign, Kylie knows how to maximise her audience reach and position her brand. Her brand is accessible to her audience and feels relevant, sharing similar lingo and appealing visuals.

Believe in your brand and become the number 1 advocate

Alvomedia -how Kylie became the biggest advocate of her brand Kylie Cosmetics

Despite several controversies about Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie’s trust in her own brand has never faltered. She uses Kylie Cosmetics herself and is a walking advertisement for the benefits of the brand. In addition to her own brand devotion, Kylie also responds to negative press eloquently-to increase her own credibility. Every entrepreneurial venture will encounter negative press; the key is to rise above it, respond in a favorable way and focus on the true fans.

Nurture the brand like it’s your own baby

To gain true fans invested in the success of your brand, you have to show your involvement and passion in the business. Kylie’s social media posts shows a human side to her brand and behind the scenes content. This is engaging, authentic content that gets the audience talking and feel more connected to a brand; it is a sales driven strategy that draws people in. The mistake that many brands make in their content marketing is treating the business like an out of touch entity that is not responsive to the audience.

Use content to inform, educate and build trust

Alvomedia Kylie Cosmetics creates content to inform and educate

Kylie may not be a qualified makeup artist but she uses accessible video tutorials to show people how to use her makeup kits. The purpose of these content is to educate consumers about her products and also engage in conversations about the brand. Video content is an effective way to teach people how to do something, and it is also highly engaging.

Produce quality content, not churn out blatant advertising

Every piece of content produced by Kylie Cosmetics is quality, even though it is sales driven. In scaling her business, Kylie’s marketing team have created more content that is tailored for her audience. The content may be makeup tutorials, information about launch dates or interesting behind the scenes footage. Instead of blatant adverts, it really conveys the value of the brand and how it can make Millennial women feel more confident in themselves.


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