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Social Listening Or Social Media Monitoring

Social listening, or social media monitoring, is an effective way to understand the audience, create targeted content and to engage. It is also one of the most overlooked; 34% of brands don’t even use a social media monitoring tool. This means that many brands are missing out on social conversations about their brand, the feedback about products/services and brand reputation.

Of course, monitoring social conversations have multiple benefits for a brand beyond simply collecting data about social media audiences. It can also inform their inbound content marketing.

For examples, brands are already using social listening to:

-Understand their audiences better

-Identify new pain points or resolve issues related to the brand

-Generate new leads and conversions

-Learn about new trends in the industry

-Learn about their competition

-Find user generated content

Connect with influencers in the same vertical.


Social listening can inspire your next piece of content

The beauty of social listening is that you can learn about what your audience wants in real time. This will inspire your next content piece based on audience insights. It is similar to an organic 2 way conversation where you answer someone’s questions. Your audience wants to be heard and their pain points addressed. Essentially, you are creating your content for your audience’s needs.

Social listening can help you create personalised content

Oftentimes, on social media, questions will be asked publicly instead of addressing the brand directly. Now, through social listening, you have a chance to answer the question in a personalised way. The person that you create the content for will know that you care enough to tailor the content just for them, and this also humanises your brand.

When you are monitoring social conversations, you also have a better idea of what questions to answer next. You can create personalised content for different demographics within your audience. Participate in your audience’s conversations and convert new followers for your brand.

Social listening can help you find user generated content

User generated content can include anything that your audience generates about your brand; blog posts, videos, Instagram pictures are all user generated content. Since it is created by your audience, it is considered more authentic and impartial than your own content. Thus, brands love to increase their user generated content to enhance their content strategy. Through social listening, you can find the user generated content, acknowledge them and include it in your own content: what are your brand followers saying about you?

Social media monitoring influencers

What are influencers saying about your brands and competitors? It is important for you to know, and to learn from their successful strategies. Influencers are skilled in engaging with their audience so these can be valuable lessons for you to inspire your next content marketing campaign. In addition to being someone to help your brand reach out to new audiences, influencers also have valuable data about what content your audience wants to consume.

Social listening is vital for good customer service and creating content that bonds

Social media monitoring tools will help brands gather data about their audience and inspire their next content marketing campaign. It may help connect your brand to influencers that your audience value highly. Remember that influencer marketing has the potential to increase your marketing ROI by 1100% compared to traditional marketing methods.

The goal of social listening should be to refine your content strategy and create tailored content that your audience wants. By being more helpful and valuable to your targeted audience, your content will create a lasting bond between the brand and user.


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