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What Is TikTok And Why Is It The Future Of Social Media Marketing?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about TikTok as the future of social media, the future of influencer marketing and how people consumer video content online. If you’re not familiar with TikTok it’s the successor to it’s now been rebranded, and it’s part of a Chinese company called ByteDance. Last time I heard there was 860 million monthly users which is super fast growth-so it’s growing in size and it really is very engaging.

If you haven’t watched it, it’s a whole series of these short videos that you can just flip through. The concept is so simply, and the content gets addictive.

Alvomedia TikTok the future of social media

What’s interesting is there’s a real split in this app more than any other about content creators versus content consumers. A large number of users aren’t posting any content and a small group of users are posting the bulk of the content that’s getting the 3 million 10 million views.

Talk about massive scope for influencer marketing!

This TikTok could set us up for the future of influencer marketing where the app creates many of these stars that people are voluntarily spending time with the Stars and engaging with their content. The question becomes- with short video content of 15 seconds or so, can you weave meaningful influential content into these stories? And can the promotional message be conveyed by these videos in a way that’s really going to lead to sales?

Perhaps not the future of influencer marketing, but this App is certainly the future of social media. More and more, we’re going to see this split between the professional content creators and people who don’t produce much of anything and just consume it until next time on the spin.

TikTok offers endless 15-second videos designed exclusively for mobile viewing with a heavy sprinkling of viral challenges, popular short dances and pranks. We’re not saying it’s for every marketer but it certainly is worth keeping an eye out for. If you took these check-boxes you should probably be looking out for TikTok.

First and foremost TikTok has a Gen Z and Millennials target audience.¬†Research indicates that around two-thirds may be under 30 years old and this leads us to our second point- you should be keeping an eye out for TikTok if you are trying to hit a worldwide audience as brands are becoming frustrated with the high prices and declining organic reach on mature platforms. Facebook, we’re looking at you!

TikTok’s addictive 15-second video format forgive Facebook a run for its money and finally you should be using TikTok if you’re not afraid to try new social marketing channels. Using a relatively up-and-coming platform like TikTok can feel risky but that’s what successful marketers must do so get movin’!


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