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Ways To Find An Investor In 2019

Are you looking for a business investor and don’t know where to start? The answers may be closer to home. Here are the top ways to find an investor in 2019:

1.Reach out to your former employer

If you have had a good experience with your previous employer, and created value in your previous work role, then reaching out to them is a great idea. They have witnessed your work ethic first-hand and can vouch for your professionalism. Why not? If your previous employer have access to funds, and trust you enough to invest in your venture, you should definitely reach out to them!

2. Join an Angel Investors Group

Angel investment groups are proactive in looking for new members; you can join their group and evaluate different business opportunities. And who knows, you may connect with a future investor in your own venture.

Here is a helpful article from Investopedia on how to join an Angel’s Group.

3. Reach out to family and friends

Family and friends are already invested in your happiness and success, if you are on great terms with them. Now, you can offer them an extra incentive by investing in your business; loans with interest, some equity in your company or shares are all great returns on their investment. Of course, they may not be able to invest as much as professional investors, but every little helps.

4.Through meetup groups

Meetup groups connect like minded people together; it could be a shared passion, business interest or even travel. It is much easier to persuade like-minded people to invest in your business than strangers who have no interest in you at all. If you are looking for an affluent investor, you can definitely meet them through golf/skiing/charity fund raising/entrepreneurs meetup events.

5.Reach out to your customers

Customers provide insightful feedback about your business, and if they have access to investment funds, in a great position to invest in your business. Customers who are also investors have experience in your product and can improve your business along the way.

6.Make yourself an authority

If you are active in discussions about your industry or write leadership articles, this is a great way for investors to find you. For example, if you run a marketing agency business and write frequently about trends in your industry, this may catch the attention of venture capitalists looking for something to invest in. Become a valued contributor to industry relevant forums, magazines and news platforms. Be heard, be noticed and approached by your next investor!

7.Professional networking events

Business networking events bring like minded professionals together; it may be pricey to attend but you might just land your next investor. The point is to share business ideas, seek partnerships and find people that you would collaborate with, refer or invest in.

8.Travel first class

People who can afford to travel first class are usually successful professionals or those with access to investment funds. It’s a well known fact that traveling first class will get you more leg room and proximity to successful people. You can choose to sleep throughout your flight or keep your eyes open for networking opportunities.

9.Social media 

Social media provides the platform for people to engage in private group chats and discussions. You can join groups related to business or join in a discussion about entrepreneurship funding. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and SnapChat are some of the places to connect with future investors.

10.Dating sites

Somewhat unconventional, however dating sites give you access to would-be investors. If you are looking for a date and share an interest in business, it is worth giving this a try. You can pitch your business idea casually during a date or add them to your professional network. Believe it or not, many investors are willing to mix business with finding a partner.

11. Shared Office Space

Startups like WeWork allow entrepreneurs to work within a shared office; this gives access to investment minded individuals who may bond over a beer or pizza. The key is finding an investor with enough capital and experience to take your business to the next level.

12.Talk to business owners

Business owners are always partial to a great investment opportunity; if they have experience in your industry and spare funds, this could be a business match made in heaven.

13.Appear on television

There are several investment shows on TV, such as Dragons Den and Shark Tank, which gives businesses access to investors. You may not get the panel of investors on TV to give you money, but appearing on TV will give you and your business idea much needed exposure to other serious investors.

14.Incubator programs

Accelerator and incubator programs can help you nurture your business and find investors interested in taking your business to the next level. In addition to investment, you will also get mentorship and access to work spaces.

15.Advertise on Gumtree and Craigslist

People are able to find jobs on Gumtree/Craigslist-you can also advertise that you are looking for business investors. The most you’ll lose is some advertising money; at the end of the day, it is all about experimenting with different avenues of landing an investment.


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