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Online Marketing Goals For Success In 2017

What are the digital marketing goals most businesses should have to ignite their marketing campaigns? From optimized conversion rates to social media visibility, here are the digital marketing goals for 2017.

Online marketing goal 1: create rich media content

Video, multimedia content and gifs increases ad engagement rates and click throughs in 2017. Focus on creating great content for video and always optimize it for mobile devices.

Online marketing goal 2: leverage Facebook native videos

Facebook is becoming more like a search engine by the day. Uploading videos directly on Facebook will benefit your business in many ways, including engagement and conversions. If your business uses video content in your digital marketing, Facebook native videos should definitely be a goal in 2017.

Online marketing goal 3: optimize for mobile

If your business website design, email marketing and content still looks bad on an iPhone, 2017 is the year to change your look. Your customers are using mobile devices on the move so speed up the loading time too.

Online marketing goal 4: outsource content the smart way

Outsourcing content to good digital marketing agencies or content creators saves you time and the anguish of being ignored. Nobody reads mediocre content these days; a great content creator will help your business gain more attention and leads through compelling content.

Online marketing goal 5: engage more!

More engaging content and more engagement on social media/emails should be the priority of every business in 2017. More engagement means being a better listener and greater responsiveness to customer’s concerns.

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