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How Does PPC Work?

PPC or Pay Per Click Marketing is not free; it indicates cost per click which is a method of charging for advertising on the Internet. According to the Oxford Dictionary, PPC is “a business model whereby a company that has placed an advertisement on a website pays a sum of money to the host website when a user clicks on the advertisement.”  The question now…Is PPC still effective? Traditionally, you need to pay a lot for advertisement.  However, with the trend of digital marketing, you can get it free by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or what we call whitehat search engine marketing.  PPC (Pay-Per Click) Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are part of SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which are used by most Internet marketing campaigns.

To answer our question whether PPC (Pay-Per Click) Marketing is still effective, we must first see its advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of PPC (Pay-Per Click) Marketing


  • Speed and reach

After setting up a PPC campaign, you can have immediate ads on top of the Google search results.  Instantly, traffic for your webpage will start pouring in and your ads exhibited for millions of viewers.  PPC works well with your product promotions, related online business campaigns, joint venture projects and more.

  • Widespread Control

Once your visitor clicks your ads, you will see which keywords generated clicks for your ad and the destination web-page that traffic is sent to instantly. This helps you gain full control of your ad copy.  It can also help you to narrow down your prospects that leads to the conversions that your business needs and gaining access to your web-pages.  Another avenue for targeting is Social media ads where you can easily know your audience’s preferences, know their age and income bracket, level of education and their status which enables you to control your ad copy efficiently.

  • No worries for updating and promoting of time-sensitive offer

Your paid search ads stay stable even when the web-page refreshes or is updated.   The process of updating does not affect your paid search ads even when your promotions end in days.  Your product gets an immediate attention.

  • More brand exposure

Even in organic results and the paid results, your PPC (Pay-Per Click)ads cover more space in search results. The relevance of your brand stays in the search engine if you have to engage in PPC.  Your brand gets a prominent position.

  • Even without display, PPC can be effective.

You can have an effective PPC advertising campaign even without display, as long as you have a product or service that people are searching.  Many PPC advertisers run efficient campaigns in search only.  That is where PPC is more effective.

  • More exposure of your business

You can choose where you want your business to be known, be it locally or internationally, depending on your target audience.  With PPC, that is an advantage for you have the ability to control where you want to expose your ad.

Disadvantages of PPC (Pay-Per Click) Marketing


  • PPC Advertising can become really expensive

If PPC advertising not handled well, the tendency is for those budgets to get out of hand.  Many advertising keywords are not relevant or not profitable to the advertisers, forgetting that every click cost or they have to pay for every click even when the clickers do not buy.  That is why you have to be prudent in your bidding and be knowledgeable of the bidding process.  Your ads must be creative and cost-effective.

  • PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing is complex 

Without the knowledge how PPC really works surely your budget will go to waste for PPC is quite complicated.  To ensure your ads stays at the top, you must be on top of the bid, but that would create another complicated issue. You need to consult a PPC marketing expert on this. 

  • Fake clicks

Competitors find ways to get over your brand.  They think of a strategy to increase your cost by bombarding your ads with fake click using different IP addresses.  Click fraud costs a lot.

  • People might get a negative reactions from your ads

Many individuals are not so interested with advertisement especially if that gets in their way while surfing on the Internet.  People are critical with advertisement that keeps on trying to sell them something.  That makes your brand sound desperate.

  • PPC Advertisement disappears when your campaign ends

When you stop paying, your PPC advertisement stop appearing and when that happens, traffic and sales will surely stop too.  You will need to prevent this by effective organic SEO.

  • PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing is not a sure way to get sales

You need to accept risk in dealing with PPC because it is not 100% certain that you are able to get your ROI (Return of Investment).  There must be some points to consider to gain with PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing.  You must consider your keywords, your product or services, your ad copies, your campaign approach, etc.

  • Wrong PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing firms

Many PPC (Pay-Per Click) Marketing firms offer many possibilities but only lead to disappointment.  You need to do research for your prospective firm to do your advertising and avoid firms that will not be able to give good and concrete results.  Rely on a good firm that has years of experience with PPC campaigns.


The best way of deciding  whether PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing is effective is having the knowledge of its advantages and disadvantages.  Everything has its purpose and everything if done right falls into place even if it has its disadvantages.  The advantages of PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing is challenged by its disadvantages. It is not a question of how effective is PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing; it is a matter of how to gain from its advantages by handling well its disadvantages.

The challenge with those who are thinking of using PPC(Pay-Per Click) Marketing is how much should they pay for it.  This campaign tool needs a certain budget but also needs an effective management strategy.  If your aim is your ROI (Return of Investment), surely you can have that if your core methods of handling PPC gets a good result.  The purpose of PPC is not to put your business into a difficult financial situation, but to provide you a dynamic promotion of your business that works well for your target audience!


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