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Effective Pay Per Click Marketing Tips In 2017

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is the type of online marketing in which you place ads on websites or search engine itself. For every click generated, you pay a fixed price. These clicks come from users who have searched for a keyword that is relevant to your ad.


What PPC strategies work?


Pay Per Click is an expense unless you are smart enough to gain more money than you spend on the advertisement. That is the whole point of Pay Per marketing methods.  Here are five great ways to enhance your Pay Per Click marketing strategy:


Perform keyword search


Keywords are an essential part of any Pay Per Click marketing campaign. It helps in social media marketing, content marketing, inbound and outbound marketing. Using the right keywords can get you, high ranking as your ads will be SEO optimized. It also generates good quality traffic that will increase the conversion ratio.

A less familiar kind of keywords is the negative keywords. These can ward off the irrelevant traffic from your site and hence lower your marketing bill.


Create ad groups


A useful feature of Google Adwords is that you can sort out your ad campaigns into different groups. Each group can be managed separately and using different sets of keywords. This way you can focus your efforts and keywords on all of them individually and gain a better profit.


Invest in less expensive keywords for PPC


It is easier to bid on the most commonly searched words and phrases. However, these are more expensive too. You can always invest on the long tail keywords to keep everything within budget, as these are less commonly used and hence cheaper. Using these would mean that you will reach lesser number of people but on the other side you reach only those who are serious about you. Your ads will appear for only those who are really seeking you and thus will get you better customers.


Create better-landing pages


Making ads is one part of digital marketing. The next part is to direct the searchers to the right landing page. You may want to create multiple landing pages so that the potential customers can navigate through your site easily. Google ranking also takes into account the quality and relevance of your landing page, so it is worthwhile to invest in this area.


Measure how well your PPC campaign is working


Just like with every other marketing strategy, Pay Per Click marketing also needs to be measured for its effectiveness. Paying attention to the numbers turns out to be more beneficial here than anywhere else. Always experiment with ads because customer’s perception of ads is always different from yours. Keep testing which type of ads work the best for your company. Once you hit the right one start looking for an even better one. Keep going through this process throughout the life of your company.

A special and less known metric is the LTV (lifetime value). It tells you how much it costs you per click and how much you gain from each click in relation to the lifetime value of the customer. You will work out the net yield from paying for certain keywords and this can even justify higher bids on keywords that give you repeat business. If you know your LTV, you can easily compute the economic feasibility of your ad campaign. If you do not, you might as well go out of business soon.

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