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5 Powerful Reasons To Have A Social Media Marketing Strategy

You are the social media marketing manager of your company. You are doing your best to stay in touch with your fans and followers on social media. Some of them might even pay your website a visit but none of them purchases your product. Despite spending a major chunk of your social media marketing budget, you are unable to achieve the required return on investment from social media & digital marketing strategy? Does all that seems familiar? Yes. Have you ever thought why does this happen? No.

Let me tell you the main reason why? You don’t have a social media marketing strategy. Even if you do have one, it is not working so, you must make a new one to be more effective. With frequent algorithm changes and rapidly evolving social media trends, things change faster than you think therefore, you need a social media strategy that evolves with the passage of time.

Here are five reasons why you need a social media marketing strategy for your brand.

1. Focus on your social media goals

One of the biggest advantage of having a social media marketing strategy is that your social media team have clear goals and objectives. This gives your social media marketing team a clear direction and make it easier for them to achieve the goals. Additionally, it prevents your team from moving in different directions and reduce the risk of confusions. With clear goals in front of you can easily gauge your success against them, which makes accountability a whole lot easier as well.

2. Attract the right social media customer

Generating more traffic on your website is one thing and attracting right customer is another. Without a social media strategy, you might generate traffic but converting those visitors into leads will not be possible. A social media marketing strategy will help you attract the right traffic and convert them into paying customers as well. You can target the right customers with a social media marketing campaigns. Your ads will generate a much higher return on investment when you have a social media strategy as compared to when you don’t have one.

3. Boost brand reputation

Social media is a great platform for building your brand. Share valuable content that your target audience craves and deliver it in the form they want to consume it. Timing also plays a pivotal role. You can easily grow your brand reputation by establishing yourself as an authority in the industry by regularly pushing high quality content on social media.

To generate more engagement, you can also use videos on social media to build your brand. When you are an authority, it will help you grow your social media audience. With social media strategy in place, you can easily create a positive voice for your brand and set a tone of your social media content. In addition to this, it will also help you in handling negative criticism the right way. Remember, building a reputation takes years and destroying it only takes minutes so you need to be extra cautious when dealing with social media.

4. Grow your user base via social media

You might have a sizable fan following on social media but it has stopped growing lately. Your brand has started losing followers, which has given you some sleepless nights as a social media manager. Most social media managers can relate to it. If you use social media intelligently, you can easily grow your user base as it is a global platform with billions of users. Not only does social media help in retaining old fans, it can also help you attract new customers towards your brand. Give exciting offers, arrange contests and offer discounts and coupons to attract thousands of new customers towards your brand.

5. Gain a competitive marketing advantage

Why do you create a social media strategy? The core purpose behind creation of a social media strategy is to set your brand apart from other brands and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. With social media becoming a crowded space, it is becoming more and more difficult to put your brand in the limelight. To do that, you will have to do something other brands are not doing on social media. Come up with unique social media ideas by thinking out of the box and nail it with effective execution to achieve the desired results.

Which is the most important reason for creating a social media marketing strategy in your opinion? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

Author Biography

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing manager of Branex – a digital agency & a guest blogger on various websites. He is also the digital strategist of Taskque, an free task management software. He is also has worked with various other brands and created value for them.


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