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Alvomedia is a London marketing agency that recognizes the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. This privacy policy page will set out in detail all the privacy practices that apply for our digital marketing solutions and inbound marketing services.

Privacy policy on client confidentiality

Client records and data collected from clients in the normal services of Alvomedia’s trading will be kept confidential. This includes and are not limited to:

  • Initial client consultation over the phone, Skype, SMS, email or other modes of communication
  • Any referrals of business from third parties
  • Any client care emails, letters, Skype or SMS that is sent by and on behalf of Alvomedia
  • Any marketing strategy both verbal and written as communicated by Alvomedia to their existing clients
  • Any marketing strategy both verbal and written as communicated by clients of Alvomedia
  • Any documents that disclose marketing strategies from Alvomedia to clients, or from clients to Alvomedia
  • Any graphic concepts, concepts or proposals relating to marketing strategy and not regarded as public information
  • Design work that is not available for public viewing, including website design that has not been finalized
  • Data collected about the client, such as address, personal information and bank account.

Please note that any work we disclose in our portfolio from past clients will be from existing websites viewable by the public. Alvomedia does not disclose any work that have not been finalized or published for public viewing.


Alvomedia will collect personal information about clients when they fill in the contact form, communicate with us via different platforms (including but not limited to: Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) or request any information from us about our digital and inbound marketing services. The information that we collect from clients will be given to us voluntarily or made available for public viewing on the internet. Alvomedia’s website uses cookies to enhance our visitor’s online experience. Our servers at Alvomedia records information about visitors when they visit our website including the URL, IP address, browser type, language and the date and time of your visit.


Alvomedia collects personal information from our clients to provide the digital and inbound marketing services that is required. Our experienced marketing team will communicate with you about Alvomedia’s products and services in addition to any other information that may interest you. When you send us information through our website’s contact form, we will keep this information to reply back to you in order to address any queries. Once you have fully registered with Alvomedia as a client we will give you the chance to opt out from receiving newsletters or emails from us unless your specify differently. As a full service London digital marketing agency we use personal information in order to research, audit and analyze data to improve our inbound marketing services. We do not misuse client information for any other purpose that is not directly or indirectly related to improving our inbound marketing services. In limited circumstances, we will share the information with third parties to comply with legal process, the prevention of fraud or in order to defend the security of our network and services. All of the personal information obtained from visitors to Alvomedia and the contact form will be processed on our servers in the United States of America.


Alvomedia will offer you choices in the obtaining of personal data. You are allowed to refuse cookies in your browser or to decline from giving out certain information. However, please be aware that some of our features such as the contact form cannot be processed without certain information. Alvomedia will make every effort to provide you access to your personal information when you make a request and allow you to rectify the data where there are incorrect details.


Alvomedia is not responsible for posting and/or enforcing our client’s privacy policies. The terms and conditions of Alvomedia explicitly define our relationship, responsibilities, and liabilities with respect to privacy and security when handling personal data. While we are in no way responsible or liable for the collection and use of personal information by our clients from their Web sites or during application of our digital marketing and SEO services, we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that our clients post and enforce their own privacy policies.

Data Protection Act Compliance

Alvomedia is in compliance with the Data Protection Act. We will not distribute personal information about visitors to our site or from our existing clients. Any distribution of information about our clients will be done with express consent.

Right to make a subject access request

Visitors to Alvomedia website and our existing clients have a right to know what information we hold about them. They have the right to make a subject access request. Under the Data Protection Act, the circumstances where Alvomedia may be allowed to withhold certain client or visitor information include:

  • Situations where disclosure could identify someone else who does not wish to be identified
  • Situations where the visitor or existing client is being investigated for a crime and Alvomedia has to cooperate with the police
  • Situations where the visitor or client wants to access the records of a deceased friend or relative

Changing or removing information

Alvomedia is concerned to rectify any errors in the data we collect about our clients. If, for instance, our records say that you have a different registered address then we will correct this promptly. If our clients suspect that there may be some inaccuracy or correction needed for the data records that Alvomedia holds about them then they can communicate this with us. If we do not correct this data promptly, our clients can contact the Information Commissioner to see whether Alvomedia has acted in breach of Data Protection Act.

Preventing use of client data 

The Data Protection Act means that you have a right to ask Alvomedia not to hold or use information about you that causes substantial unwarranted damage or distress.

Alvomedia has 21 days to respond to your request, and can refuse only if the information that we hold about you:

  • Was given initially with your consent
  • Was required for agreeing to a marketing contract
  • Was required to carry out any legal transactions
  • Was required to protect your interests

If you believe that Alvomedia has breached the Data Protection Act, then you may make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office under section 42 of the Data Protection Act.

Prevent unwanted direct marketing 

Companies may use data from website visitors to do direct marketing. You have a right to ask Alvomedia to stop any direct marketing via phone, post, email or SMS. When you provide any information about yourself to Alvomedia, we ill give you the chance to opt out of direct marketing. However, there is the possibility that you forget to opt out. In addition to opting out, you have the chance to refuse any information about you being passed to third parties that are affiliates of Alvomedia for the purposes of direct marketing.

There are two ways you can prevent unsolicited marketing material from Alvomedia through the post:

1. You can register your details with the Mail Preference Service to prevent junk mail being sent to you.

2. You can exercise your right under section 11 of the Data Protection Act to ‘Prevent processing of your personal data for Direct marketing Purposes’

Alvomedia will not send unsolicited marketing material if you have expressly opted out of our direct marketing. If, for any reason, you receive marketing material from us after being asked to be removed from the mailing list you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office, an independent UK authority to uphold information rights of the individual. You can follow the complaints procedure set out on the website to file a complaint.

Alvomedia’s Responsibilities

Under the Data Protection Act, Alvomedia must process personal information collected from clients in a responsible and legal way. Alvomedia will ensure that any information collected will be:

  • Processed legally and fairly
  • Relevant, adequate and not excessive in any way
  • Obtained only for the purposes specified for digital and inbound marketing services and not be further processed in a manner inconsistent with these purposes
  • Accurate and up to date
  • Processed in accordance with the rights of the individual from whom the data was collected
  • Kept for no longer than is necessary to process for digital and inbound marketing purposes
  • Protected against unauthorized or unlawful processing of the personal data collected from clients.
  • Protected against damage and accidental loss
  • Non-transferable to other countries without adequate protection

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