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Problems In Content Strategies

Content marketing is not just about churning out content according to a content creation schedule. Many businesses find content marketing a challenge in coordinating, planning and integrating the efforts. Creating conversion optimized content is very different from mindless content that many businesses mistake for customer optimized content.

Focus on content Strategy

Content marketing is ineffective without a strategy. The strategy should be optimized for conversion; customer experience, content integration, content consistency and breakdown of marketing silos. When the term content marketing became popular, it was misinterpreted as company advertising. Content marketing is used for promoting businesses through customer care and education. Living in an ideas economy poses many problems for businesses who want their content marketing to convert. Not having a conversion strategy is a common problem in content marketing.

Integrating content marketing is one of the biggest challenges for businesses

Content marketing problem 1: No value added

Every piece of content created needs to add value to the business and customers. This value can be reference, knowledge for customers, and answers to specific questions. Before creating content, define the business goals and how it can add value and convert. If content does not benefit customers, it is worthless.

Content marketing problem 2: Copying what competitors do

Copying what others do is not the sincerest form of flattery. It is a waste of time and resources. Your business may need to tap into a sector that has to present content in a different way. The context of your customers is important and you need to work around that. Copying your competitor’s success on SnapChat may not be the best content marketing tactic for you. You may attain higher conversion rates through content marketing on YouTube.

Content marketing problem 3: Disconnection and silos

Silos in content marketing tasks hampers effectiveness. It is a waste of time to create duplicate content or content that does not connect with other content. Different voices/inconsistency in content marketing is a problem faced by larger companies and needs to be addressed.

Content marketing problem 4: No content strategy

Content strategy is all about planning content creation, content integration and content distribution. Finding the right content marketing channels and knowing what time to deliver it is crucial. This is easier said than done because most businesses fail at distribution and content optimization. Ignoring customer context is partly to blame and lack of focus.

Content marketing problem 5: No testing of content strategy

Businesses with a marketing budget have to know their content marketing KPI and ROI and track every effort. Analytic tools and A/B testing can filter out the ineffective content marketing methods and help businesses to regain focus.

Content marketing problem 6: Lack of integration within content

From digital footprints to CRM data, content marketing persona, customer segmentation, automation to user generated content, content marketing has to be unified. The lack of content marketing integration creates confusion for customers. The company has to look at the bigger picture of content integration whilst working on a granular level.

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