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Try this when your keyword ranking doesn’t improve

We all know that frustrating feeling when a website seems to be stuck in a low ranking position for a long time. In spite of high quality content, offsite SEO, and signals from social media marketing, the ranking just doesn’t want to shift. Perhaps you have a page for your domain such as,’,’ and you have added lots of relevant, high quality content to no avail. Even worse, competitor websites with less compelling content are getting the targeted website visitors.

What should you do?

Before we move onto the tip to rank your website, here is a checklist to make sure that your domain page is not lacking the following:

  • Plenty of relevant, high quality content related to your niche. If your website is about wedding photography, you can check that you have articles relating to finding a wedding photographer, finding the right venue, how to book a wedding photographer and so on. Your website content should be as good if not better than competitors.
  • A clear and conversion optimized landing page. This is important to reduce bounce rates on your website and encourage conversions once visitors are on your website.
  • You have a strong offsite SEO strategy that encourages authority backlinks to your website


Strategic contextual linking to landing pages


Internal links are important to establish the relevance of your pages to the main landing page. If your pages are not relevant to the keywords that you are ranking for, then this will not help with ranking the landing page. Using the example of the landing page, your articles about finding wedding photographers in London has to have a link to this landing page. In search engine’s eyes, this established relevance to your landing pages.

Now look through your articles and see if your content is lacking this contextual link. If so, make this your onsite SEO strategy:

  1. Create relevant content related to your chosen keywords (that you want to rank your landing page for). Each article that you create has to contain at least 500 words, images with optimized alt descriptions or videos. Avoid using web 2.0 to create these articles because you need your domain.To rank your landing page,, create content about finding London wedding photographers, how to select the best wedding photographers in London etc.
  2.  Add a contextual link to your main domain landing page within the articles. Your choice of anchor texts should be relevant, for instance, ‘best wedding photographer in London,’ and ‘London photographer for weddings,’ are all relevant anchor texts to use linking to your landing page, ‘’
  3. Improve your internal linking structure by adding links to other posts you may have created.
  4. Let the search engines crawl these new pages or you can use a subscription tool to optimize indexing.

Since search engine optimization relies on many different factors, you want to cover all the bases for ranking your target landing page. Just because you have created the relevant onsite and offsite SEO content does not mean that you are guaranteed top rankings. The tip outlined here will only optimize your chances of ranking for your target domain and keywords.

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