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Repurposing Older Content – How and Why Should You Do It

2017 is almost over, but this does not mean that you should relax your marketing efforts in any manner. The importance of repurposing your content, in the last two weeks of this year, is great. If you have some extra money left in your budget, then you must spend it wisely. Do not feel that you must not bother spending money on new content because of the time and the efforts required to produce these original content. You must understand that you can convey your brand’s message to a more varied audience with your existing content. In this article, you will learn about some practical tips by which you can repurpose older content to get more business. Read on to find out about one of the most useful content creation strategies.

Repurposing content

People have a misconception about their content, especially those that have been already published and put forth before the world. They feel that it cannot be used again for some other purpose. It is highly erroneous thinking because repurposing your content is a critical aspect of business strategy where you can use your old content for new purpose and aims. You will learn about a few procedures by which you can start repurposing your content in the last few days of this year. It is possible to use them to re-engage your old contacts. Recycling content has proved to be quite successful in the past also. Content can always be reused somehow or the other in the future for other purposes. You have many advantages of using repurposed content in your marketing strategies:

  • SEO boost: You can repurpose your old blog posts into interactive assets. For example, you can create more novel opportunities to generate backlinks or authoritative links from many high ranking websites which can then help you to improve your website’s rank for specific keywords.
  • Finding new audience with your old content: Repurposed content can be thought about as follow-up emails. It can be so that your first email was not at all opened, follow up emails can be an excellent opportunity for your recipient to recheck and see what you had sent to them. It also works for repurposed contents. The audience you targeted might have checked out your initial contents. However when you post the same content in a different format, then it is another method by which you can get to put your brand’s message right in front of their eyes again. That helps to reinforce your brand message.

What can you do get started is to review the analytics of your site and check which specific pages garnered the most engagements in the past one year? When you check the report, you must look out for those contents that had driven the most social media shares and the most traffic to your website. What you can do to these posts, is just tweak them all a lit bit so that they can become relevant again. Some easy methods by which you will be able to modify your older posts are:

  • Update the posts with newer facts or figures:Check for any new links in your high performing content posts to locate if there is any chance by which you can update your posts. Can it be linked to any social media reports which were updated in the year? If it is so, then you must add those new links to your old post and publish them again.
  • Create Slide Share presentations: Slide show presentationsare one of the most popular forms of information on the internet. You can upload your old contents as slide shows. Slideshows are great visuals. They convey information in a more precise and concise manner. Slideshows can get more views and shares. It is easy to produce such presentations at the end of the year as you can choose the best products, services, studies, et cetera of that year and make a presentation on them from your old posts.

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Year-end marketing strategies are crucial. You can use this time to use your old content in new and novel ways to re-engage your old audiences as well get new clients. You can use the tips mentioned in this article to reuse your old content efficiently and get more clients and increased revenues.


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