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Assembling Your Digital Marketing Team

As companies invest more in digital marketing strategies, the demand for digital marketing experts is growing. Building an inhouse digital marketing team is an effective way to coordinate every aspect of digital marketing and maintain better communication. From website optimization to data analytics, every member of the organization’s digital marketing team has a role to play. In order to execute a successful digital marketing campaign, the roles for your digital marketing team will be specialized.

What are these specialized digital marketing roles?


Important roles within your digital marketing team


Every inhouse digital marketing team requires the following:


1. A content marketing mastermind


The content mastermind can brainstorm content and help improve content that the digital marketing team creates. The difference between the content mastermind and the digital marketing strategist is the level of detail and engagement with the content.


2.  Digital marketing strategist


Strategists within the team have a long term vision that they will share with all the team members. As expansive thinkers, the strategist will solve problems and help plan digital marketing for the long term (6 months+).


3. The website optimizer


These team members are SEO experts and conversion optimizers for the website rolled in one! They help to promote the webpage on search engines and help to increase conversion rates from visitors to the company’s website.


4. Data analyst


Developing a data mindset is good for every digital marketing team but the skills required to analyze data may be too technical for many. A data analyst will help the inhouse digital marketing team gain better insights from the customer data. They can then act upon these insights.


5. Web developer


UX designs, website development and creativity are the domains of the web developer. Within the ideal inhouse digital marketing team, there is open communication between the web developer, SEO expert, content developer, strategist and data analyst.


6. Social media person


Every inhouse digital marketing team requires someone to monitor the social media profiles. From social media audits to content marketing, the social media manager knows how to distribute content about the company through social media. Again, they need to work closely with the rest of the team to execute a cohesive and successful digital marketing campaign.


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