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Competitive SEO For Law Firms

With more and more clients turning to Google for their law firm searches, search engine marketing is a must for every legal practice. In order to generate new leads, law firms must invest in the right keywords and locations to remain competitive. After all, there are a lot of people looking for legal services and 75% of search engine users never scroll past the first page of Google results.

Legal services is a lucrative business and law firm related keywords are very costly. Legal keywords consistently top the Adwords list of most expensive cost per clicks. Search engine marketing requires deep pockets and a strong strategy to overcome poor returns of investment.

Don’t know where to start with your law firm’s search engine optimization. Here are 5 whitehat SEO tips to improve your website’s visibility to targeted leads.


1.Legal keywords research is key


Legal keywords is integral to content creation. With the help of Google Keyword Planner, you can get an outline of the keywords to target. If you own a local legal practice, location based keywords are very important. This will help to rank your website for law firms within a specific post code/zip code:

  • Greenwich law firms
  • Lawyer in Greenwich
  • Criminal lawyer in Greenwich

You should also research keywords relating to your area of practice:

  • Criminal defense lawyer in Greenwich
  • Divorce law firm in Greenwich
  • Greenwich Accident claims lawyer

In a competitive field such as law, it is advantageous to rank well for location based keywords and specific fields of law.


2.Competitor analysis of other law firms


With the help of SEMRush, MOZ Open Site Explorer and Alexa Analytics, it is easy to collect data about your law firm competitors. The SEMRush tool will give you a backlink profile, anchor text break down and organic keywords of competitors. You can see what sites they are linking to and what keywords they are ranking for. Competitor analysis for law firms is a must because whitehat SEO for this niche is so competitive. It will help you uncover missed opportunities and understand how competitors target your clients.


3.Research Google’s Ranking Factors


If you want to be seen on Google, you need to play by Google’s rules. Read up on Google’s 200 ranking factors and start optimizing your law firm website, for every page. Onsite SEO is vital to better visibility in search. All content, H2/H3/URLs, alt descriptions and formats should be optimized for Google algorithms. If you have problems with technical SEO, then experts should be consulted without delay.


4.Structure your law firm website for optimal results


Organize and structure your law firm website so that it has the right internal linking and pages that target specific keywords. Take user experience into account and make sure that your website is optimized for mobile viewing.

If structuring your website is a challenge for you-you can click on a law firm website that is currently ranking well for a few keywords and look at their website structure. You will see well organized pages with FAQs, legal blogs, practice information, pages targeting different keyword phrases and internal links. Pay attention to their URL and onsite SEO. It is always a good idea to reverse engineer structures for your own website as long as you do not plagiarize content.


5. Plan for the long term in SEO


When you have defined your short term and long term goals for your law firm’s website, it is time to put your SEO strategy into action. SEO is an ever changing area of digital marketing and it pays dividends to plan for the long term. This involves avoiding shortcuts that would compromise your website’s visibility in the search engines. Getting a Google penalty would affect your client acquisition and be counter-productive to all the hard work you’ve put into SEO. Structure your website for user experience and SEO, create relevant content for your leads and keep an eye on your competitors. To win in SEO for your law firm, you need to be diligent in your efforts at all times.


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