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Tips On How To Sell On Social Media

Are you getting the most out of your social media marketing? The chances are, you are using social media channels to increase brand awareness and increase conversions. At some point, you would have heard of selling on social media using ads and content. These days, businesses can use social media ads and engaging posts to improve website traffic. Can it get you sales directly?

Yes and no.

It is likely that a prospective customer sees your Instagram photo and decide to visit your website for a purchase. It is also likely that a prospective customer book-marks your website so they can make up their minds in the future. Social media promotions has been called many things, including ineffective, but it does attract attention from leads. 

Start selling on social media with these tips

Did you know that companies using social media marketing perform 78% better than their peers? According to Hubspot, social selling helped IBM increase their sales by 400%. It is fair to say that social media channels can be effective for companies with a strong social media marketing strategy.

When we talk about selling on social media, we mean this in the most unobtrusive way possible. There are subtle ways to get sales without resorting to annoying hard sell tactics. Here are the top 5 ways: 

1. Use Calls to Action 

‘Click here..find out us,‘ are call to actions that can accompany your posts on social media. Your audience has a clear choice, and they will like the chance to act on a piece of content. If they are not interested, the call to action at the end of the content is not intrusive.

2.Provide value in your social media content

Advice, tips and links to useful content can build better relationships with your social media audience. They want to know what benefits they can get from following your account. The ratio of offering value to promoting your brand can be 10:1. If you do the content right, it will sell your brand by itself. Great content generates conversations on social media and increase website visitors.

3.Humanize your brand on social media

Be yourself, but a nicer version. Authenticity can strengthen relationships with audiences on social media and people like to do business with people they like. It is scientifically proven that people enjoy doing transactions with people they can relate to-culturally, intellectually and with similar experiences in life.

Even on social media, your brand is not a clinical corporate account. Great brands have feelings and concerns for other people. You can build connections through shared experiences or love for sports teams/entertainment/travel. You never know who is connecting to your content. 

4.Optimize visual imagery on social media

On social medial, visual content gets the most attention. Tweets with images get 150% more retweets, 39% of B2B companies share visual infographics on social media, and video content is on the rise. Visual content is integral to selling on social media because viewers can’t resist clicking on it. Once they have invested some time to seeing the visual content, they will either reshare with friends or file it away in their mind. The human brain retain memories of visual content better.

5.Be responsive on social

Great brands know a thing or two about customer service online, offline and on social media. 24/7 social media management is a must for international brands; a dedicated social media team will make sure that queries are answered around the clock. In addition to answering customers, your brand needs to be the hub of knowledge that customers come back to. If you can be the expert and trouble-shooter, then your customers will grow to trust your brand. Sales will occur as a result of this trust. At the same time, you are learning more about your customers and using this information for better marketing. 


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