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Six essential SEO measures that you should take for dominating the search results

To be the front-runner in SEO, you need to direct the optimization activities towards the three pillars of SEO.  Pay attention to the quality and volume of links that you acquire because even today link profile is an essential driver of SEO. The quality of links and its volume indicate the authority of the website. The more authority the site wields better would be the link effects on search rankings. Create excellent content that adds value and keep visitors engaged because quality content is crucial for earning good ranks.  You can take help from the SEO professionals at Quantomco, an SEO company in Toronto in this matter.  Keep reading to know what else you should do to dominate SEO.

Make the website speedy

Never be happy with the page speed, no matter how fast it might be. There is always room for improvement because user expectation keeps increasing. More speed means more visibility and better SEO.  Happy users mean happy search engines and higher rankings.  Identify the areas of improvement by using Page Speed Insights of Google.  Depending on the results, you might think of reducing the server response time against requests, leverage the aspect of browser caching, optimize images and minify the Javascript, HTML, and CSS. All these would significantly speed up the website.

Create quality content

There is no place for poor content in SEO, and you must create high-quality content that conveys value to viewers. Good content not only attracts more traffic to websites and keep viewers engaged but it also encourages sharing.  Focus on creating long-form content not less than 2000 words that contain relevant and useful information based on authentic research.  The content has to be unique and original. Present the content in an interesting way that makes reading easy.  Make proper use of keywords without overusing it and use images wisely to enhance the impact of the content. Create content that is instructional and helps to solve some problem. Lastly, create a healthy link profile for both outbound and internal links.

 Enhance user experience

How users feel about the website reflects in the user experience they derive from the website, and it carries a lot of weight for search engines, which monitors user experience very closely. Take all steps to ensure that users feel easy to use the site. Begin by providing a speedy website that opens instantly with a click or tap and avoids the lure of making it graphics heavy.  Make use of breadcrumbs in the navigation so that users know which way they are heading. Organize the web pages with different levels and categorize the content for better understanding and quick consumption.  Design a user-friendly menu that is easy to use and avoid using pop-ups indiscriminately.

Enrich content with images and videos

Be sensitive to bounce rates that indicate how soon visitors leave the website. Google keeps track of bounce rates that points to the quality of sites because leaving websites early means that something is lacking in quality that turns away visitors.  For improving the engagement of viewers, besides creating high-quality content blend it with images that increase attraction.  Adding videos, podcasts, and audios with careful judgment help to make the content more attractive and interesting. Efficiently, viewers would spend more time on websites, and this sends a positive signal to search engines.

Ensure mobile-friendliness of website

To catch up with the majority of searchers that use mobile devices only, make the website design responsive so that it appeals to the mobile device users. With all signs of higher conversions from mobile searches, especially for local SEO marketing, do your best to gain mileage from responsive web design. As mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches and are surging ahead to reach new heights, the friendlier is the website for mobile users, more traffic and more conversions you can expect as also search rankings would improve. Make the site accessible from all kinds of devices so that its visibility expands exponentially.

Take advantage of the social media

Although the social media exposure of the website might not have any bearing on search rankings, it is essential that you maintain an emphatic presence on the social media that has tremendous power in driving traffic to websites.  Use the social media to create viral content that does not focus on business, but the audience would derive value from it in the form of information, entertainment or something else that keep them related to your business.

The message is loud and clear that you must infuse value into everything that you do for SEO.  Do not try to act smart by trying to deceive search engines or redirecting users. Focus on gaining the trust of search engines and users alike and the more you can do it; higher would be the SEO success.

About the author:  Sam West is a seasoned internet marketer who has contributed to the existence and growth of many SEO companies including Quantomco.  Sam is very fond of experimenting with new strategies and SEO techniques that are effective but less popular.  He is an avid follower of rock music.


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