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Tips To Boost Your Landing Page Conversions

When a visitor arrives on your page, what do you want them to do next? Sign up? View a specific piece of content? Make a purchase? Whatever it is you hope site traffic will do, it’s your job to facilitate. This is how you can supercharge the conversion rate on your landing pages.

Tip # 1: Learn to write compelling headlines and subheadings

People don’t read web content like they do a book. Information on your landing pages needs to be broken down into bite-sized chunks. The first step is to use headlines and subheadings to break apart your text. If you want readers to stay on your page, you have to make sure your headings are compelling, making readers want to learn more.

Use these tools to help you learn to write optimized headings:


 landing page analyser

 Landing page analysers tool

 Landing page analyzer

Try the above tools for yourself and follow the guidance given to decide which one(s) you prefer.

Tip #2: Use a responsive and seamless kind of website theme

Responsiveness is critical today, when US consumers spend 5 hours on their smartphones and tablets. Your visitors now expect a browsing experience that is seamless across devices (both mobile and PC). You need a responsive website theme to ensure that people are able to see images and text in an aesthetically appealing way whether they’re on an iPhone, an Android device, or a laptop.

Ecommerce landing page tips


Tip #3: Make sure your pages load super fast

Your page load times have an enormous effect on conversion rates. As a matter of fact, a one second delay can decrease your conversions by 7%.  Speed and accessibility is an essential component of your inbound marketing strategy. So, make sure to run regular page speed tests to see what you can do to decrease the time in which your page elements become visible on a page.

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to see your site’s performance and read instructions on how to improve various elements within your landing pages.

landing page tips 5



In some cases, you will have to outsource the work to a developer to ensure that you don’t damage any existing website components. In this case, be sure to hire someone who specializes in your content management system (don’t hire a Square developer if you’re running a WordPress website).

Tip #4: Focus on UX design

When it comes to conversion rates, UX design is central. UX design is useful, usable, desirable, valuable, findable, accessible, and credible. With a focus on quality experience for your site visitors, you will create more conversions and higher success. Learn all you can about UX design and/ or make sure your developers and designers understand its power.

Tip #5: Install a navigation menu button

The navigation menu is what site visitors use to maneuver through your website. So, your menu needs to be succinct and helpful. One of the best ways to ensure that traffic takes advantage of your primary conversion is to install a colorful button on your navigation menu.


Here’s an example from HubSpot:

landing page tips 6



The navigation menu includes all main pages that a visitor to this page might want to visit. Additionally, there is a brightly-colored “Get Started” button at the top of the screen. From the page linked to, visitors can sign up for the platform; this is the primary call to action and the contrast from the rest of the menu items makes it more effective. Use a menu button add-on or plugin to seamlessly add one to your site.

Tip #6: A/B test your landing page CTAs

The only way to know how well your calls to action (CTAs) convert is to monitor and test them for effectiveness. Unfortunately, 48% of companies still don’t conduct split-testing on their website. Come up with a process for A/B testing for your CTAs to find success.

Using marketing software, you can create rules for your CTA buttons. In most platforms, this is called an A/B variation and is implemented by allowing separate CTAs to appear on the same page when a new visitor arrives. By doing this, you can measure the effectiveness of different wording and color choices.

landing page tips 7



Tip #7: Allow Customers to Know Exactly What’s in Stock

This tip is specific to eCommerce and sales conversions, but it’s critical that shoppers know if a product is low or out of stock. Otherwise, you risk putting customers in a position where they need to request a refund or wait around until an item is available. 46% of small businesses still either don’t track inventory or use a manual method, despite the benefits of automating these processes. To stay ahead of the game, rather than manage your products manually, use a modern inventory management system.

landing page tips 8



Optimizing your conversion rates requires constant focus. If you implement the tips above, you will experience more success. Learn to craft awesome headlines and use a responsive website theme. Make sure your pages load quickly and give ample attention to UX design. Install a navigation menu button on your website and conduct split-testing for your calls to action. Subscribe to the AlvoMedia newsletter for more helpful advice and skyrocket your success.


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