Vertical videos are preferred by mobile users

Shoot Vertical Videos For Apps

Vertical Videos Format Is On The Rise

Years ago, shooting your videos vertically was an amateur mistake that no one wanted to make. Watching vertical videos on a normal laptop screen format was a nightmare because of the black bars around it. However, things are changing fast in the digital space and horizontal video format are no longer de rigeur amongst tech savvy people.

The mass adoption of apps such as Snapchat, Periscope and Meerkat have changed our thoughts about conventional video marketing. Videos shot in a horizontal format looked bad on these new apps and where new apps lead, video formats must follow. Some will argue that due to the ephemeral nature of live streaming, the vertical video formats naturally compromise on quality. If you are looking to shoot a video masterpiece, therefore, a horizontal format is still preferred.

When it comes to adapting to the needs of millenials, digital marketing statistics for videos don’t lie. Snapchat reported in April 2015 that vertical ads were viewed nine times more frequently than horizontal ones. People using Snapchat watched videos with their mobile the right way up, the way it should be. The challenge for digital marketers will be to change the way they’ve been producing video content for the last 10 years. Despite the disruption in video marketing, changing the video format is inevitable as more smartphones are being used by consumers as their primary internet browsing device.

The popularity of video mobile advertising

Popular apps that stream vertically are also the ones used to reach millennials. Adding vertical video marketing is a smart move that will pay off in terms of engagement with millenials. In addition to short lived visuals, Snapchat also offers a network of media channels such as Comedy Central, Cosmopolitan and ESPN.

Vertical videos format for a new medium

Snapchat is a relatively new platform and many marketers are apprehensive about changes to a vertical format. In comparison to vertical video apps, other horizontal video sites have wider distribution. This may change in the future but the new medium is still at the early stages of implementation.

Marketing Lessons we can learn from the HBO series Game of Thrones

Marketing Lessons From The Game of Thrones

Game Of Marketing

The Fifth Season of Game of Thrones is airing in the US and UK this April 2015 and millions of viewers will tune in for this popular HBO TV Series. The Season 4 Finale alone attracted more than 7 million viewers, and this coincided with effective digital marketing efforts that grew from Season 3. What is the secret of Game of Throne’s online digital marketing, and what marketing lessons can we learn from this mighty TV Show?

Marketing Lessons from a Premium Satellite Television Network

1. Let your viewers become your marketers

Whether it is letting viewers upload videos on Youtube, dress up for Game of Thrones Cosplay or submit fanfiction, artwork, gifs, blogs and other creative contents online, Game of Throne understands the power of their viewers as marketers. Much of the content produced by Game of Thrones viewers are shareable and able to reach even wider audiences.

2. Produce fresh and informative content for fans

Some of the Game of Thrones content generated online are purely targeted at fans and movie buffs. Interviews, behind the scenes and even exclusive videos from Game of Thrones Youtube page deliver interesting and informative that would whet fans appetite to know more. There are other websites such as Winter is Coming which serves as sources of news for upcoming seasons and any behind the scenes gossip. The effect of such fresh content is building viewer’s anticipation and also in creating content that is relevant to the entire Game of Thrones Series. Viewers love to research and read about such content and Game of Thrones marketers have nailed this.

3. Allow viewers to participate in Social Media

Game of Thrones Twitter page allows fans to interact via social media

Social media is a big part of Game of Thrones marketing from the 3rd Season onwards. Social media marketing is fantastic for reaching wider audiences and for interactions between viewers and the Game of Thrones entity. Social Media platforms such as Game of Thrones Twitter, Game of Thrones Instagram, Game of Thrones Tumblr and Game of Thrones Vine focus on viewer interactions and producing shareable content in the form of tweets, quotes, gifs, photos, and videos.

4. Focus on the end goal

Every marketing effort needs an end goal and the Game of Thrones is very successful at achieving theirs: reaching wider audiences and converting them into viewers. It is a valuable marketing lesson to always keep focused on the end goal and find ways to deliver value to existing viewers at the same time.

5. Use cross channel marketing 

Game of Thrones use cross channel marketing to reach wider audiences

The Game of Thrones marketers know how to engage viewers through different channels of marketing. The content delivered across these channels, whether it is a 2.0 site, social media or the HBO’s own Game of Thrones landing page are mostly consistent, cohesive and content centric. Game of Thrones may appear on many channels of marketing but they exploit the uniqueness of each channel and do not post the same things. For instance, Game of Thrones Instagram feature playful character dolls whereas the Youtube channel features interviews and behind the scenes snippets from the sho

Facebook Marketing That Target Buyers

Facebook marketing allows for laser focus targeting of specific demographics of consumers

Targeted Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing is great for targeting a very specific demographic of consumers. It is possible to target potential according to their gender, relationship status, location, sexual orientation, shopping habits, browsing habits, political leanings and even what people or pets are in their household. The wealth of data offered by Facebook is fantastic for reaching and converting target consumers and their is no other platform quite like it.

If you wish to use Facebook marketing, and this is strongly recommended, focus on great content first and then target your potential consumers like there is no tomorrow! Once people click through to your Facebook page, it is your opportunity to make them stay longer with relevant and high quality content. Once people see how your business can help them, the conversion rates will go up.

Facebook Marketing Utilizes The Power of Consumer Behavior Analysis

Facebook Ads

Facebook marketing that gives you an estimated reach


There are some Facebook ad managers that allows you to access The Open Graph to look at user behaviors and demographic on Facebook. Adespresso, Qwaya and Sizmek are just some of the Facebook management systems. Using Facebook Ad management tools, you can target users based on their connections, psychology and behaviors. Searches can be as specific as education degrees, past employers and different languages spoken.

Once your page reaches 5000+ likes, you also have the the option of using targeted posts. This means that any content you post on your Facebook page can be targeted to specific users based on age, gender, relationship status, educational status, sexuality, location and interests. The beauty of targeted post is that you waste no time in getting your message across to the leads you need for conversion.

Clearly, there is great potential in targeting the exact Facebook users you want in order to convert. Facebook ad managers work well if you know who your demographic of customers are. They are fantastic if you know who your Buyer Persona is. What about if you don’t know who your specific Buyer Persona is? Many businesses find that their initial instincts about a Buyer Persona is completely wrong.

The other alternative is to market according to buyer intent.

Facebook Marketing Versus Google Ads

In contrast to Facebook marketing, Google Ads works with buyer intent. When people input some keywords to help find a product or service they will get the relevant Google Ads. Marketing for user intent has its advantages but it is important to remember that nurturing leads will bring greater conversions in the long run. Facebook user specific marketing allows you to have leads in the sales funnel ready for nurturing.

The other great advantage of using Facebook marketing is the relative low cost of running ad campaigns. You can actually test campaigns using little money before launching into the actual marketing. This makes Facebook marketing cost effective and once you start marketing you always have control over your budget.