What does online marketing for luxury brands look like?

Online Marketing For Luxury Brands

Online Marketing For Luxury Goods And Services

In the last decade or so, techniques in digital marketing have changed the way goods and services are being marketed. From traditional industries such as law and financial services to emerging industries, methods in digital marketing have increased lead generation and allowed communication to be more forthcoming between brands and consumers. In recent years, traditional luxury brands are adopting digital marketing to improve sales and brand awareness.

First of all, to define digital marketing: this is simply the targeted and measurable marketing of goods using digital channels to convert customers. Some people will argue that the sole purpose of digital marketing is to boost sales. In addition to increased sales, digital marketing is very effective in cultivating brand loyalty and interpreting customer behaviors for marketing campaigns.

For luxury brands, the potential benefits of digital marketing is too good to miss. Reputation, brand perception and customer service are all vital to the longevity of prestige brands and this is exactly what online marketing can achieve for them.


Online marketing methods to promote luxury brands


Luxury brands look, feel and communicate the experience of luxury. At the heart of successful digital marketing campaigns for luxury brands is the promise of this luxurious experience. Here are the main ways prestige brands conveys this to target consumers:


1. Luxury brands use online marketing to showcase their high standards of service


Businesses in the luxury industry care greatly about customer loyalty and satisfaction.  Many of the most luxurious catering, hotel, lifestyle, travel and fashion brands in the world communicate about their exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction in their content marketing. Testimonials, reviews and content generated by customers are amplified using digital marketing until everyone knows about it.


2. Luxury brands can control their image using  multiple marketing platforms


Once a brand establishes itself as a luxury brand, it will go about communicating this using digital channels. The brand will have an air of exclusivity and only linked to other luxury lifestyle websites or publications. Money and effort is invested in creating luxurious looking websites, ad campaigns, mobile apps, marketing videos and online content. Digital marketing spends for luxury brands can go into the 7 or 8 figure range.


3. Customer service is personalized and loyalty rewarded


Luxury brands rewards customer loyalty with perks and upgrades. The standard of customer service for luxury goods and services is already high; loyal customers will be rewarded with exclusive products or sneak peek of products before general release. Customers can subscribe to luxury brand newsletters and digital video channels. Luxury brands collect the email addresses and customer data for personalized email marketing further down the line.


4. Review sites are carefully monitored by luxury brands


Customer reviews can make or break a luxury services business. Positive review can increase conversions dramatically. Online reputation management is a big part of a luxury brand’s digital marketing strategy. Some will hire diligent reputation management agencies to respond to any negative reviews or remove false reviews altogether. Luxury brands are aware of what customers are saying about them publicly on social media channels so they will monitor the social media platforms constantly.


5. Luxury brands can launch their own review/forum sites


Luxury brands have the resources to launch their own review sites for their own verified customers. Independent review sites do not have the strict filtering in place for genuine customers. In this way, luxury brands can manage any disputes or address issues raised by genuine customers.


6. Social media accounts are managed 24/7 by luxury brands


Social media management for luxury brands is 24/7 in different time zones and for multiple social media platforms. Response rates for luxury brands are high and messages are replied to within 1-2 hours.


7. Customer communications are dealt with in a professional and timely manner


Bad customer experiences are dealt with using a professional manner on social media and online review sites. Luxury brands are very responsive to reviews because they invest a lot of time and money in cultivating a perfect reputation. Great reviews are acknowledged by luxury brands and shared across social media channels.


8. Luxury brands use contests on social media


Prize draws bring awareness to their brand and also to reward fans who follow their updates closely. Any engagement through digital channels will help to promote luxury brands. Contests may attract leads that have never purchased from the brand before.


9. Luxury brands consult multiple marketing agencies to target customers globally


To create global marketing campaigns, luxury brands will liaise with digital marketing agencies around the world for different perspectives and culturally sensitive ways of targeting their global customers.


10. Luxury brands marketing teams work closely to create consistent messages


The different marketing teams liaise with each other to create a harmonious message for consumers of luxury brands. The more cohesive the message, the easier it is to build a brand for longevity.


11. Luxury brands reach out to other brands for content marketing


Many luxury brands team up with complementary brands in the luxury industry to create content that appeal to their target demographics. For instance, Louis Vuitton partnered with Square Enix in 2016 to target their well heeled gamer clientèle, Chanel partnered with Billionaire Boy Club founder Pharrell Williams for an exclusive new collection in select boutiques, and smartphone compamy Apple teamed up with Hermes to release an ultra luxe smart watch.


12. Luxury brands use digital marketing for effective story telling


Behind every luxury brand there is a great story of craftsmanship and passion. Luxury brands will use every opportunity to romance audiences with their brand heritage and what compelled them to create the brand. Patek Philippe, Kuoni (established 1901), Mont Blanc and Caron Paris are exceptionally good examples of this.

Online marketing strategies for success

Online Marketing Strategies For Success

Digital marketing is one of the most complex tasks that any entrepreneur has to complete in the online world. It takes a lot of effort and patience before it gives you satisfactory results. More than that, it takes up time and brainpower to make it work smoothly.

You cannot simply rely on your traditional approaches in digital marketing. You need to come up with a genius marketing strategy that takes into account everything starting right from SEO, content marketing all the way to social media marketing, email marketing, and inbound and outbound marketing.


Digital marketing strategies to follow


Gone are the days when you can spend most of your marketing budget on TV or mass media outlets and expect success. Customers in a digital era use multiple social channels and their attention is diverted by many competing content. What is an ambitious company to do? Here is a small to do list to help you navigate this area safely and with less headache.

1) Build an online reputation

Whether you plan to do it yourself or use an online marketing agency be sure to place yourself in a place of authority and keep track of all the business activities. Building a great and solid foundation include you coming up with efficient and detailed processes for all the tasks that need to be performed.

This can include the social networks you need to update regularly and the list of blogs that you need to view daily. This may also include the team members that need to perform each task and the hierarchy that needs to be followed in every situation.

2) Focus on the right audience for online marketing

A campaign can only be successful if you know who your audience is. Start researching and think about your target market. Try to find out what appeals to them, what is their common need, what they value the most and what is the general trend. This will enable you to come up with the right kind of strategy to approach your potential customers in the right way.

3) Reach out to the customers through paid digital marketing

Initiate communication with your potential customers by using paid digital marketing methods. Let them know that you exist by posting ads on popular websites and using email marketing. Encourage the clients to subscribe and then reach out to them to make them feel valued and respected. This way you can gain their loyalty.

4) Use inbound marketing to keep connected to your customers

Inbound marketing is proven to generate more revenue than outbound marketing. Make sure you keep connected with your customers. This will let you know about the general demands, their perception of your business and the most popular products. This again leads you to formulate the marketing strategy that works for you.

5) Trial and error with online marketing strategies

There are numerous ways available to an online marketer to reach out to the customers. You should try some of them and see what works the best for your business. Care needs to be taken; however; as when you try to wear many hats just in the beginning, you end up damaging your business more than helping it grow. Focus on one strategy at a time and let it grow and bear fruits for you. It takes years of experience and expertise to be able to handle multiple marketing options. So hang on and be slow and steady.

How to amplify your brand with social media marketing

How To Promote Yourself With Social Media

Social Media Marketing For Online Success

If you want to survive in this digital economy, you better be prepared for all the huge waves of change that are coming your way. With each passing day a new way to market and advertise crops up and unless you are ready for it you would be pushed down in the waste basket.

One such innovation is social media marketing, a marketing medium that lets you connect with your customers and potential customers through social media networks. It is a fascinating cover to wrap your content marketing and is both cheap and effective. Big brands such as Taco Bell and Coca Cola have shown that getting attention through social media can yield lasting and significant results.


Ways social media marketing can boost your business



1. Pitch your business more effectively with social media


SEO is no longer the only way to get you top ranking. Companies with more emphasis on social media marketing are visibly getting ahead of the others. The reason is that with social media marketing you can pitch your business more effectively. You can let everyone know what you are offering and where you stand. When your business is the subject of conversations on social media channels, that adds credibility to your brand. Earned media (such as mentions on social media) is more influential than paid advertizing. Companies using this strategy have reported huge increase in traffic.


2. Use social media to create awareness


With so many companies focusing on comparatively the same areas, there is a good chance that many people are not yet aware of your presence. Let them know with a great strategy using social media marketing. The best part is that you get to present your brand’s persona in the best way possible and ultimately gain the attention of your target audience.


3. Get in touch with your customers on social media


Social media allows you to post relevant and highly targeted content that makes your customers feel special and recognized. This creates a loyal fan base which is, of course, essential in gaining repeat buyers. Psychologically, customers tend to choose the products of the company they feel connected to. With social media, you can create that connection by introducing personalized messages, posts, and competitions. Inbound marketing is achieved as easily as outbound marketing in this form.


4. Interact on social media and get informed


Social media has made it too easy to interact with your customers. You can simply create content that lets them react and express their views. This will give you more insight than any survey ever would as this is a direct one on one communication. This way you can focus on the recent demands and work on the flaws and difficulties that your customers point out.

5. With minimal investment get wider marketing opportunities


Social media marketing is the cheapest way to advertise your business to the mass population. You do not have to invest huge sums to create a page. All you need is a creative and content generating team to get it all started. A professional online marketing agency can also help you out at this point. The opportunities open to you in social media marketing are endless. You can simultaneously interact with your old, recent and potential customers. You also get the bonus of free marketing through social media. How? Your customers will like or comment on your posts, and those will appear in the newsfeed of their friends and family who will then be directed to your site thus adding to the traffic.

How to increase your Alexa rank in 2017

Tips To Increase Your Alexa Rank In 2017

How To Increase Alexa Rank In 2017?

How do I increase my Alexa Rank?‘ is a common question asked by many website owners who are looking to improve their public metric. Visible to all, the Alexa rank is one way to evaluate the popularity of your website and the value of your online business. Having a very good Alexa rank can signal superior site performance, industry dominance and authority. The most visited websites in the world such as Facebook, Amazon and Twitter, have very high Alexa rankings. This is correlated to traffic volumes and other metrics such as the number of unique visitors and pageviews. It is extremely hard to attain a position in the top 100 of Alexa rankings because of the competition from other websites. However, by following the tips to increase your Alexa rank outlined here, your website can certainly try be in the top 100,000 or even 50,000.


Alexa Ranking Tip 1: Create high quality content


Creating high quality content can help your website in many ways. Firstly, it will attract keen readers and grow your base. Secondly, it will send more traffic to your website and signals to Alexa data panel. Thirdly, high quality content is great for SEO and will promote your website to higher positions on organic search results for your chosen keywords.

If you do not know how to write good quality content, then you may wish to find out more about keyword research, content writing and blogging from these recommended resources:


Alexa Ranking Tip 2: Create content regularly


There is no way around it: to keep your audience interested and your website growing in popularity, you need to create content frequently. Creating content can be in the form of new blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, infographics, newsletters, slideshares and even the odd appearance on other people’s websites (guest blogging, advertising content). A good rate of content creation is 1 to 3 times a day; the higher the frequency, the better. If you look at the rate of content creation on popular websites, it is always very high.

Creating high quality content regularly can increase your Alexa rank

Alexa Ranking Tip 3: Gain high quality links


Earning high quality links to your website will increase Alexa rank due to the increase in traffic. Try to guest post, or have a back link building strategy that will help your website gain more visibility to audiences in your chosen industry. You can find out about earning high quality backlinks by reading Backlinko’s guide to gaining links and other resources on the internet.


Alexa Ranking Tip 4: Try the Alexa traffic exchange program


Upmyrank.com allows users with the Alexa toolbar installed to exchange traffic for the purpose of increasing their Alexa rank. Although seen to be a manipulative method, many webmasters swear by it.

Alexa Ranking Tip 5: Get the Alexa toolbar installed


By setting your homepage as the default for Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers with the Alexa toolbar installed, you can manipulate Alexa data panel into thinking there are more users looking at your website. The different toolbar IDs are interpreted as unique visitors to your site. To maximize the effect, you can let your friends or colleagues install this toolbar and set your homepage as the default. The different IP addresses will be registered as a unique visitor each time they open the browser.

Installing the Alexa toolbar and encouraging other people to visit your website with their own toolbar installed can improve Alexa ranking

Alexa Ranking Tip 6: Install the Alexa widget on your website


The Alexa widget displays your Alexa ranking more visibly on your website. Like a social sharing counter, this signals to website visitors and marketers that your website is valuable and in turn can lead to return visits, thereby increasing the traffic.

Alexa Ranking Tip 7: Encourage visitors with Alexa toolbars


People with Alexa toolbars installed tend to be marketers and bloggers. You must think of ways to gain their attention: creating content about website traffic, domain authority, SEO, Alexa ranking and SERP can send you targeted traffic this way. When creating content, think about the value that you are providing. You can post your homepage URL in webmaster forums and encourage visitors with the Alexa toolbar installed to your site.


Alexa Ranking Tip 8: Promote your website on social media


You can promote your website to millions of people on social media; a good number will visit your website and cause your Alexa ranking to go up. Some of the most popular social media sites are Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, Delicious and Google+. To gain targeted traffic, or visitors that are interested in your niche or industry, make sure your promotion on social media is not misleading. If you ask people to visit your website for ‘extreme raw food dieting’ when your website is actually about organic foods, this can be seen as misleading.

Social media distribution of your content can boost Alexa rank for your website

Alexa Ranking Tip 9: Get your website reviewed on Alexa


Good reviews build trust and it can help your Alexa rank if visitors post genuine reviews of your website.

What are the top branding tips for millennial customers?

Branding Tips For Millennial Customers

Reaching out to millennial customers

Today, brands are trying various means to connect to millennial customers (born between 1980-2000), but it seems that the targeted group is not satisfied with the kind of approach the companies are making. That is probably the reason, why conventional marketing strategies targeting millennial customers are failing. However, connecting to millennials is not that difficult. You just need to know how to do it. In a study involving 501 millennials, it was revealed that nearly 62% of the targeted millennials felt that there was a direct relationship between successful content marketing and achieving brand loyalty. The only problem is that the targeted consumers are getting turned off by the quality of the content they are receiving.

Connecting better with millennial customers

Content and context are both important in order to attract the attention of millennial consumers. Here are proven ways for brands to connect better with millennials:

  • You must create content that is tailored to the individual’s or group’s common interest. By doing this, you will be able to engage a lot of customers to the brand and company. While designing content, you need to consider the location of the customers, their cultural interests, and their age in mind. You also need a deep understanding of the type of individual they are and their occupation, and what motivates them.
  • It is important for a brand to engage well with the customers and solve their problems. Make sure that the brand you endorse mingles well with the customers’ life and solves their everyday problems. That is the reason you need to make sure that your brand is solving the issues of your targeted customers.
  • Even if you are doing content marketing, it is important that the contents should not be blatant advertisements. It should not be just an empty marketing ploy. There should be interesting and valuable information for the consumers. Advertisements should be done, but in a surrogate manner.
  • The value of long form content is still there. But it is still better to keep things short and simple. The average attention span of people these days is quite low. People often abandon content that is too long and boring. In a survey, around 41% of the millennials confirmed that one of the main reasons they avoid content is because of the length. Remember that most of the target customers would be accessing your content through their mobile devices. So, do not try to feed them long content. Keep the context in mind while writing content.
  • Make your content thought provoking and intelligent. You must make sure that it adds value to the customers’ knowledge. Millennials need an emotional reason to connect to. To make your audience connect to your brand, you need to emotionally connect with your audience. This is a good way to build trust and a relationship with them.
  • It is important for the content to add value to the knowledge of the customers. It is also equally important for the content used for content marketing to be educational, inspiring, and entertaining. The content should be a positive reflection of the perspective that your brand creates.
  • It is helpful for the content to go viral. However, you need to know what gets shared. The contents should be relevant to the circles you are marketing to. Therefore, you need to know the demands and needs of the group of people you are reaching out to. Surveys have revealed that there are around 54% of the millennials who prefer content that are tailored to them based on their age, and 55% of them want content based on their geographic location. Furthermore, about 63% of the millennials prefer content that is customized according to their cultural interests.

Content marketing statistics for millennials

When it comes to marketing content to millennial consumers, you must know that there are different types of platforms from where the millennials consume content. That is the reason why you must prepare content that are tailored to the specific platforms that the users are using. Putting relevant content on the right channel is one of the secrets of success with content marketing.

Recently in a survey by the SocialChorus, some of the most interesting facts have been found. A few of that are given below:

  • Around 67% of the Millenials have confirmed that they never open any sponsored stories. They mentioned that they do not trust advertising.
  • About 95% of the people who are interrogated for the survey confirmed that they find their friends more reliable source of information for a certain type of product.
  • When it comes to getting engaged with posts on social media sites, millennials prefer to stay engaged with their friends’ posts rather than that of a company’s. And statistics say that this number of people account for around 98% as found in the survey.


Improving the effectiveness of your brand for millennial customers is easy once you understand what their social psychology and the value they place on their peers. Every millennial customer is different, in spite of their age grouping; you should segment your marketing and  create content that is relevant to their interests. When serving content to millennials, or indeed consumers of any age, always ask how does it serve them? Appealing to the interests of millennial consumers will yield better results than blatant advertisements. In addition to online channels of marketing, millennial consumers can respond to brochures or even mail. Asking for feedback and acting on data from millennial customers will ensure you have a more effective content strategy.

What Pay Per Click marketing tips work?

Pay Per Click Marketing Tips For 2017

Effective Pay Per Click Marketing Tips In 2017

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is the type of online marketing in which you place ads on websites or search engine itself. For every click generated, you pay a fixed price. These clicks come from users who have searched for a keyword that is relevant to your ad.


What PPC strategies work?


Pay Per Click is an expense unless you are smart enough to gain more money than you spend on the advertisement. That is the whole point of Pay Per marketing methods.  Here are five great ways to enhance your Pay Per Click marketing strategy:


Perform keyword search


Keywords are an essential part of any Pay Per Click marketing campaign. It helps in social media marketing, content marketing, inbound and outbound marketing. Using the right keywords can get you, high ranking as your ads will be SEO optimized. It also generates good quality traffic that will increase the conversion ratio.

A less familiar kind of keywords is the negative keywords. These can ward off the irrelevant traffic from your site and hence lower your marketing bill.


Create ad groups


A useful feature of Google Adwords is that you can sort out your ad campaigns into different groups. Each group can be managed separately and using different sets of keywords. This way you can focus your efforts and keywords on all of them individually and gain a better profit.


Invest in less expensive keywords for PPC


It is easier to bid on the most commonly searched words and phrases. However, these are more expensive too. You can always invest on the long tail keywords to keep everything within budget, as these are less commonly used and hence cheaper. Using these would mean that you will reach lesser number of people but on the other side you reach only those who are serious about you. Your ads will appear for only those who are really seeking you and thus will get you better customers.


Create better-landing pages


Making ads is one part of digital marketing. The next part is to direct the searchers to the right landing page. You may want to create multiple landing pages so that the potential customers can navigate through your site easily. Google ranking also takes into account the quality and relevance of your landing page, so it is worthwhile to invest in this area.


Measure how well your PPC campaign is working


Just like with every other marketing strategy, Pay Per Click marketing also needs to be measured for its effectiveness. Paying attention to the numbers turns out to be more beneficial here than anywhere else. Always experiment with ads because customer’s perception of ads is always different from yours. Keep testing which type of ads work the best for your company. Once you hit the right one start looking for an even better one. Keep going through this process throughout the life of your company.

A special and less known metric is the LTV (lifetime value). It tells you how much it costs you per click and how much you gain from each click in relation to the lifetime value of the customer. You will work out the net yield from paying for certain keywords and this can even justify higher bids on keywords that give you repeat business. If you know your LTV, you can easily compute the economic feasibility of your ad campaign. If you do not, you might as well go out of business soon.

If you require a Pay Per Click Marketing campaign, or would like to find out more, contact Alvomedia digital marketing agency today info@alvomedia.com or fill in this form.

Are SEO keywords still important

How Relevant Are SEO Keywords In 2017

SEO is still vital for online success

Any online strategy for success still depends largely on search engine optimization. In fact, 57% of B2B marketers agreed that SEO was the biggest lead generator. 81% of B2B sales start with an online search and 90% of buyers say they will use the Internet to search for products they are ready to buy. It is no secret that major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing dominates when it comes to making a purchase.

Love it or hate it, search engine optimization has to be integrated in your businesses’ content, website UX and social media strategy. SEO is knowledge worth gaining for your future online success. Of course, this opens the doors to plenty of information about optimizing your website for the search engines. One of the most commonly heard things about SEO is keyword density. Now, what most of us used to believe was that SEO equates to keyword stuffing. This means putting in keywords in texts at every opportunity, even if it does not make sense within the context of the text. As a result, the reader of the text had a terrible user experience; SEO was not for the benefit of search engine users.

This might have been true few years ago but is certainly not today. Search engines have upgraded and updated their complex algorithm; there is an attempt to enhance user experience and generate results that are high quality (from authoritative, trustworthy sites) and extremely relevant. For this, they take into account factors like link profiles, site authority, popularity, social signalsquality of content and their relevance.

Things to consider in relation to SEO keywords density

SEO keywords may have been abused in the past but they are still useful today. For one, they form the skeleton of any search engine optimization strategy. Keywords are the bones of the content. Without selected keywords, it is impossible to create relevant content around it. Content marketing is inextricably tied to SEO.

For many businesses, ranking number 1 on Google for specific, highly converting keywords, is the main goal. In practice, the very top positions on Google are often dominated by review sites, major directories or companies that are household brands. How do smaller businesses compete, even with the best content and social signals?

Challenges that stand in your way to becoming number 1

The challenge isn’t simply to create a great website- it is to create the one that stands out from the crowd (and a huge one at that). To get there, you need to have the right information about the right things for the right audience. 

The first thing you need to do is to include closely related words, phrases and strings of words in your content. This sends a signal to the search engine when it crawls your website that the content you are offering is integrated and highly relevant. This is the basis of semantic search where the most relevant content is found by the search engine user.

For example, you own an online shoes boutique for men and women with larger feet. The keywords that are closely related to your business will be large size shoes, shoes for large feet, large women’s shoes, etc. The semantic phrases related to it would be larger sized shoes for men and women; where can I buy shoes for large feet, and best shoes store for larger sized feet. These answer specific queries by search engine users. The question:where can I buy shoes for large feet may be the question that precedes a sale for your store.

Researching on keywords using tools such as Google Keyword Planner can lead you keyword and phrase ideas that people search for.

Optimize your company’s identity

Make sure you mention your company in all your posts on every channel of digital marketing; be it social media, emails, newsletters, Google Maps or any other platform of marketing. Make sure that your address, contact details and founder names are the same. This will send signals to the search engines and let it know that your company has a presence. This will, of course, have a positive impact on your ranking.

Social signals matter

Marketing today has become more of a public relations area where you have to reach and appeal to the public at a more personal level. Social media networks have become more important than ever because of this. Maintain accounts and keep them updated. Stay close to your customers because they generate free advertisement for you through referrals and sharing. More inbound and outbound marketing opportunities can be gained through this medium. The search engine ranks the site higher if it has more brand mentions on different platforms including social media networks.

Leverage others

Imagine your product as a brand and treat it like one. Let everyone else know this too. Keep mentioning your brand and encourage user generated content. This works in a similar fashion to link building: using external websites to validate your website. The more mentions your product has, from your audience and brand ambassadors, the better popularity search engine attributes to it and the higher ranking it gets.  Do not restrict yourself when it comes to marketing. Post on other’s blogs, pages and social accounts because that will increase awareness about your brand.

Effective digital marketing tips for 2017

Tips For Effective Digital Marketing In 2017

Digital Marketing Tips That Work

According to a report by Ascend2, 51% of digital marketers blamed bad content strategy for failing to reach their digital marketing goals. In an era of digital marketing, many companies believe that inexperience is holding them back from getting their return on investment. Effective digital marketing is not a pipe dream for companies wanting to outperform competitors in content strategy. Whilst multi-channel, cross device, social media and integrated marketing are all buzzwords of today, companies just need to find consumers and convert them.

Effective digital marketing is all about finding the right consumers at the right time, and giving them what they want.


Digital marketing tips for long term success


There are more channels for digital marketing in 2016 than ever before. This does not mean, however, that businesses have to use every marketing channel. Some marketing channels are simply ineffective for the consumer market and industry that the business is in. One of the vital steps to digital marketing success is deciding what marketing channel is more effective and doubling down on the effort.

In a recent survey by SmartInsights, it was found that marketers had differing views on the different digital marketing channels. 

Different digital marketing channels in 2017

Content marketing, marketing automation and big data were found to be the most highly rated techniques,  with display advertising lagging far behind. When it comes to measurable success, choosing the most cost effective channel for digital marketing is key. 

In addition choosing the right digital marketing channel, businesses can also use the following digital marketing tips:


1. Marketing inspiration can be found in other industries


What happens when you restrict your ideas to one particular industry? You get tunnel vision, or even worse, an inability to think creatively for a solution. The very essence of digital marketing is creative thinking to reach business goals. Observing practices in other industries is a great way to get fresh new ideas.


2. Great content can be re-used


Great, evergreen content has the advantage over other content because the information is almost timeless. You can use the snippets of wisdom for future posts (repurposed content), or to inspire content creation. I defy you to find any great content that has not been recycled from other great content. Content recycling is not laziness. Great content deserves to be read by your target audience and it is your mission as a content marketer to serve it up. Your audience may not have read your content the first time round; make it easier for them to find it again in future posts.


3. Ask for content marketing feedback


Feedbacks serve the purpose of improving your marketing efforts. How do you know you have a great landing page unless your users tell you so? Find out how user friendly your website is, or conduct a survey as to why people are displeased. You are not being a nuisance by asking for feedback; feedback will make your users happier in the future.


4. Define metrics for your content marketing


You can only measure your content marketing success after defining your content marketing metrics. There are many different metrics and key performance indicators, but most importantly-you need to be able to track them. Decide what tools you will use to track traffic and conversion rates and set the schedule for your content marketing efforts.

A content marketing trends survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute found that higher conversion rates and high quality sales leads were considered the most important content marketing metrics:

2016 content marketing metrics for b2b


5. Use offers to retain website visitors


Good offers will increase the conversion rate of leads into buying customers and retention rate of visitors to your website. You want lower bounce rates and higher conversions don’t you? Offers that catch your visitor’s attention and increase their intention for signing up/purchasing are effective marketing  methods.


6. Pod-cast content marketing


Did you think about creating pod-casts for your audience? People like to listen in whilst driving or exercising; help your audience by increasing pod-cast content. Google ranks pod-casts well and you will build a better relationship with your customers. Pod-casts have been shown to increase conversion rates as well. The subject of pod-casts does not have to be about your specific product/service, it can be about the industry that you are in.


7. Publish your own book


Independent publishing can be done with Amazon Kindle now so there is no excuse not to branch out. The purpose of publishing in a fast paced digital marketing space is to establish your authority in your industry. There are many people who regard long form content such as eBooks to be highly authoritative. If you win accolades for your published books, that is even better. Here is a great resource for publishing: The Write Practice.


8. Optimize your landing page


Clean up your landing page so that it looks streamlined, attractive and relevant. Get rid of cluttered ads and remove banners if they distract from the main content. You will increase retention rate of visitors to your site and improve chances of conversion.


9. Steer clear of impersonal automated email marketing


Emails are great ways to stay in touch with your existing customers and convert potential ones. Customizing your email content is the most effective tip. An email for your customer’s birthday, thoughtful suggestions for purchases on national holidays/festivals, and a simple personalized email are all effective ways to build your business relationship and boost your brand.

Many companies assume that email marketing will get them nowhere with customers in the age of social media. If written in an engaging and personal style, emails can be the most personal and direct way of reaching your customers. You can write about offers, tips, helpful insights and anything that you think would interest your customer based on their purchase choices. Whatever you do with email marketing, never automate the content or addressee details.


10. Customer data is valuable


Customer data is the new oil. It is valuable and can deliver insights into customer behavior that you never thought was possible. Nowadays, customers have cross device behaviors that should inform serious marketers about where to place call to action buttons and how to attract buyer’s attention. Consumers behave differently on mobile, laptop, social media platforms and the smartphone. Such data about behavior will help to inform your digital marketing efforts.


11. Express gratitude to customers


Customers love it when they receive personalized offers or product suggestions based on their purchasing behavior. They also liked being thanked on social media and in emails. Showing gratitude in small yet persistent ways will make your customers feel valued.


12. Step into your customer’s shoes


Go to purchase some of the goods and services to assess how well they perform. Join customer forums or talk to customers about feedback. The purpose of marketing is to deliver a better customer service so it makes sense to find out what customers like or dislike about your product/service.


13. Watch your digital marketing spend


Audit your SEM (search engine marketing) efforts so any unnecessary costs for customer acquisition and cost of lead acquisitions are minimized. If the cost of customer acquisition is too high, i.e there is a poor conversion rate from visitors to your website to leads, and from leads to customers, you need to address why there is a poor conversion rate from visitor to customer. Do not increase your marketing spend to counteract the poor conversion rates.


14. Simplicity is best


Digital marketing is becoming more complicated via fragmented channels and technically challenging methods/data metrics. Simplify the purpose of your marketing, and then further simplify the methods. Eliminate analytic software that is not working great and get rid of marketing channels that do not have impact for your target audience. Pared down and simple is the principle behind effective and efficient digital marketing.


15. Tailor content for different social media platforms


Every platform is different in target audience and media used. Do not post the same content on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Effective digital marketing leverage the difference between channels of marketing for maximum impact. If you’re wondering what social media marketing platform to use for your business, the 2016 Social Media Marketing Industry Report collected data from a survey of 5000+ marketers. It was found that Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram were the most effective social media channels for marketing. Here is their chart created from the findings:

Most important social media marketing channels in 2016

16. Consistency in branded content

Consistency in the branding is important for digital marketing. Email content, social media marketing, video, mobile, website and blogs should all have a consistent message. In larger companies, breaking down the silos in digital marketing is a good way to maintain consistency.


Alvomedia provides full service digital marketing to companies large and small. For more information, email info@alvomedia.com or fill in our contact form.

The most effective SEO tips for video

SEO Tips For Video Content

Why SEO is important for your video content

You need multimedia elements in your website if you want to attract and retain the interest of your customers and visitors. Of course, you will also have to opt for search engine optimization processes so as to ensure that your multimedia items show up during relevant searches. While you can hire companies offering SEO services to get your images and videos optimized, it will be better if you learn how to do it yourself. Video SEO will be more difficult but critical nonetheless as videos take over images in popularity.

Video SEO tips to apply to your content


You can use the following tips to help you in optimizing your videos for your SEO and digital marketing strategy.


Your video content should be valuable


Videos are also a form of content. Just like the other components of your content marketing strategy, you must ensure that your videos provide some useful information to the viewer. If the content is great, you will not face too much of problem in ensuring a higher rank for the videos.

At the same time, it is not very difficult to make good content for videos. One of the misconceptions about video marketing is that it requires a professional with high end equipment and editing skills to make it work. Anyone with a smart phone or laptop can record and make videos. It does not have to be expensive either. You can make videos which help your customers solve their problems, provide entertainment or new information.


Make it easier to search for your videos


You should take all your videos and create a video gallery. The gallery can act as a source for all your video resources. Moreover, it will provide a center from which your users can search for videos easily. Of course, you need to set up the gallery in a user-friendly manner so as to maximize the benefits for yourself and your users. Organize the videos into categories and add tags. This makes it easier for your users to search for videos. At the same time, the navigation is improved as well.

Ensure that each video can be played on its own page. Creating a page filled with embedded videos will create more problems than it will solve. It becomes very difficult to locate a specific video when there are too many embedded videos in a single page. Moreover, if you create a separate page for each video, it improves the SEO. Search engines will be able to index each video individually, which increases the chances of getting a high rank. It will be an improvement to the user experience as well.


Implement interactive elements in your videos


Every time a person watches a video, you get an opportunity to make a sale by providing the right call to action. This is made possible by the implementation of interactive elements in the video. There are many kinds of elements that you can implement in the videos such as surveys, quizzes and, of course, links. These can be used to reach out to the users at the correct time and ensure that they take the correct action.


Use relevant metadata for your video description


Metadata can be extremely beneficial in getting better ranks for your videos. Therefore, you should ensure that your videos have rich metadata implemented into the code. This helps you make the best use of your video gallery. Additionally, videos are a great way to make use of those valuable long tail keywords which are difficult to implement otherwise.  In each of the video pages, you should implement hidden tags into the HTML code.


Make use of video transcriptions


Your rankings can be significantly affected by transcriptions. If you wish to make the best possible use of the video content, video transcriptions should be added directly to the HTML code of each of the video pages. Transcriptions will allow the viewers to read the contents of the video. While this is beneficial for the users, transcriptions will also ensure that the pages become rich with keywords to improve the overall rank.


Use your own domain for hosting videos


This is the best way to increase the SEO value of the videos. By hosting your videos on your own website, you can markedly improve the results of the overall SEO campaign. Of course, the video platform, you are using for it, should be able to create a video sitemap within a subdomain in your own website.


A video sitemap is essential


In order to boost the results of your video SEO campaign, you should create a video sitemap and configure it in the proper manner. You can use a video platform that can configure the video sitemap automatically. This will reduce a lot of effort and worries in the long run. Of course, each entry in the sitemap should have a link to the video page attached.


Allow users to embed


You should allow your viewers and users to add your videos to embed their videos into their own websites. As your videos get embedded into other websites, you will be increasing the number of inbound links that your websites gain.


Outsource video SEO if you have other things to do


Hire a digital marketing agency that provides video SEO and free up more time to work on other parts of your business/content creation.

How to manage social media effectively

How To Manage Social Media For Your Business

Social Media Management For Your Business

Social media management is a phrase that online business owners hear often. Businesses that are unfamiliar with social media marketing are afraid of the time commitment and real time engagement with people that they would otherwise not talk to offline. However, statistics showing that 89% of 18-29 year olds are engaging on social media platforms means that companies targeting a younger demographic can no longer dismiss social media. In addition to reaching more people, marketing on social media can build trust. It was found that 92% of consumers trusted a friend’s review on social media.

The way brands are interacting with their customers has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. It is almost second nature to follow a favourite brand on Twitter, or like photos in Instagram. When brands talk to us in real time, that is considered great customer service as opposed to being intrusive. Some of the world’s biggest brands have caught on to social media marketing and are now dominating platforms such as SnapChat, Instagram and live video streaming Periscope.


Using social media to engage with your customer base


The main purpose of social media is to gain greater visibility and engage with your customer base. Although not considered a direct factor for SEO, social media can direct more traffic to your website and alleviate search engine rankings. When implemented properly, social media marketing can lead to sales.

Instead of spending hours online building a social media presence, companies can outsource their social media management to digital marketing agencies. The expertise and connections from a digital marketing agency can increase brand awareness and conversions for that business. It is understandable why some businesses are hesitant to outsource their social media marketing, however it is a smart decision if your business requires 24/7 social media presence across 3 or more social media channels. These days, businesses are international in scope and customers expect communication to be in real time across multiple time zones. Your business reputation will surely improve by using a 24/7 social media management team.


Outsourcing social media management for your business


The time required to manage social media accounts for business is considerable. Businesses have to constantly engage with customers on the various platforms and reputations have to be defended in a timely manner. In addition to free social media marketing, businesses are advised to use paid social media advertisements to drive even more leads. If all of this sounds like a headache to you, then an online marketing agency can help to promote your business and establish good relationships between your business and customers.

It is true that outsourcing social media management will not be the same as you communicating with customers yourself. Rest assured that a professional marketing team will learn about your business inside out and engage in a meaningful way with your customers. Furthermore, you will be given helpful tips about how to manage your social media accounts in a more effective way-to drive sales.