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The Best A/B Testing Software For Your Business In 2018

There are a few non-negotiable items for online content marketing, and A/B testing is one of them. Thankfully, there are many A/B testing software tools available to help you in 2018.

A/B testing software is one of the best analytic tools for businesses of all sizes. Why?

At its core, A/B (or split) testing compares two or more versions of a landing page to determine which performs better. Will customers respond better to a free trial or a more specific call to action? Do pop ups work better than webforms? Where is the best placement for a call to action button? These are questions every content marketer must ask – and only the highest rated A/B testing software can help answer them efficiently.

If you are engaged in content marketing – and you most likely are – it is crucial to find the highest rated A/B testing software for 2018. The better your marketing content, the better your conversion rates will be. The better your conversion rates, the more profitable your business will be. Here we compare the top three rated A/B testing software tools for 2018.


#1: Kameleoon


According to the reviews on TrustRadius, Kameleoon is the best of the best when it comes to split testing. The software promises to “understand your visitors and optimize their experience.” That’s a good place to start, since it’s the main idea behind A/B testing software. But Kameleoon takes it a step further, offering a user-friendly platform and the opportunity to follow up with further personalization. The software also offers deeper analytic tools, like heat maps and session recording. Kameleoon is one of the most sophisticated A/B tools available for 2018.


#2: AB Tasty


AB Tasty is more than a catchy name – the software also claims to be an “all-in-one and expandable conversion optimization platform.” In other words, the A/B testing tool is both easy-to-use and customizable depending on your business size and needs. The software is an intuitive and innovative approach to split testing. The customer service and hands-on training will be particularly helpful for individuals and small businesses. The biggest strength of AB Tasty is its versatility – the software is useful for technical information teams and marketers alike.


#3: Evergage


This is a powerful software solution with a backing team devoted to customer success. One of the major strengths of Evergage is in its ability to provide an A/B solution to business owners without any technical expertise at all. The intuitive software does not require web development knowledge, and Evergage devotes a good amount of time to training and hands-on learning. At the same time, the split testing software is versatile enough to handle several types of targeting and personalization at once.


Finding the right software is all about trust – knowing that the A/B testing tool you are thinking about using will help you produce the results that you need. You can use software review sites to search thousands of reviews. Taking the time to find the right A/B testing software for 2018 will make your business that much more productive this year.

Author Bio:

Brooklin Nash writes about the latest tools and small business trends for TrustRadius. When he’s not writing, you can find him reading YA dystopian fiction (with guilty pleasure) and cooking. Brooklin holds a degree in Political Communication and lives in Central America.


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