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Content Marketing For Success

Content marketing is an overused term for getting the right attention from the right audience.  To succeed in getting attention, you should employ an audience led content marketing strategy that resonates with your intended target audience. Here are 10 tips of great content marketing that will get your content valued in the digital space.

Content marketing tips that are tried and tested

1. Consistency in content creation

Through consistent effort and persistence you will get your content noticed by the right audience. There is no one in the history of content marketing that became an overnight success. A readership or audience takes time to build and they will demand high quality content on a consistent basis. One of the biggest myths of content marketing is to strive for viral shares. Viral sharing will get your content noticed but the attention will be short lived. You want to create great quality content on a regular basis and gain a wider audience that way. Eventually, the sheer scale of your audience will give your content superstar status.

2. Use the right audience for your content strategy

After identifying what audience you need to attract with your content marketing, be on the active look out for them. Your content marketing efforts will go to waste if you do not present it in front of the right audience. If your audience is on certain social media platforms or community forums then you should make your content easily accessible to them.

3. Reach wider audiences with content collaboration

There is nothing wrong in looking for a wider audience for your content. Unless your content is extremely niche, there will be a wider audience for your material. To expand your audience, you can collaborate with other influencers to leverage their audience or start creating content with a wider appeal.

4. Provide value in your content

Great content marketers provide up to date and valuable content for their intended audiences. Content marketing is very audience-centric so always think about creating value. Valuable content include how to guides, helpful infographics, the latest updates and insights into your industry. Ensure that the content is valuable for your specific audience. It must be focused on what they are interested in. The more value you provide in your content, the more appreciated and trusted your content will be.

5. Build trust and rapport through content marketing

Rapport is built by letting personality show through the content. Enthusiasm, a willingness to help and passion are all personality traits you should convey in your content. To build trust, offer valuable content that serves your reader’s best interest rather than making an obvious hard sell.

6. Ask for feedback about your content

Allow your audience to comment on your content and provide feedback about what they like and dislike. Feedback is vital because you need to know how your audience responds to your content; it is no use continuing to create content that no one likes. Content creation is audience centric and feedback can provide a lot of constructive guidance.

7. Never use a hard sell in content marketing

The purpose of content creation is to win the attention and trust of your target audience. A hard sell is too obvious and does not provide value to anyone. Bombarding your audience with spam and orders to buy something will make you lose your audience and credibility.

8. Call to action in your content

There is a difference between delivering little value and telling your audience what to do, and delivering great value and telling your audience what to do next. You will get a much better response if you have delivered the value first before asking for help. Asking your audience to share, distribute and subscribe to your content is not a big ask if you have provided great value on a consistent basis.

9. No conflicting content marketing

Content with conflicting messages will destroy your content marketing efforts. Your audience will doubt the veracity and authority of your content if they find conflicting information. Conflicting content occurs when there is a lack of understanding of your subject matter or stance; it also happens when different content marketers work without communicating with one another. When there are several marketers creating content, it is vital to have an agreement about what to create.

10. Become reliable in publishing content

In exchange for your audience’s attention, you must provide content that meets their expectations consistently. By creating content that your audience wants on a regular basis you will be able to get the scale of attention you need for success.


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