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How to Elevate Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Of all social media platforms, Instagram is taking the lead when it comes to popularity. As of this moment, Instagram has more than 500 million users. What’s even more surprising is that out of that 500 million, at least 5 million accounts are business profiles. So, what does that mean? Business owners are promoting their brands on Instagram and other social networks as well.

Social media marketing is not something new. Brands have been using Instagram marketing to promote their business and also generate more traffic to their websites. However, the question is, ‘have you been doing it right?’ There is more to it than just creating an Instagram account and posting.

If truth be told, Instagram marketing success takes more than posting attractive photos and exciting videos. You must ensure that your visuals have a well-defined brand identity that will be easily understood as well as attractyour audience to your website for more. This post gives you a comprehensive guide to developing an Instagram marketing strategy that is profitable. So, keep reading for exciting ways on how to elevate your Instagram marketing strategy, get more followers for Instagram and help your brand reach millions of people.

  • Understand what your objectives are – First things first; why are you on Instagram? To promote your brand, right? Well, whether you are a first timer or you have been doing Instagram marketing for a while, you must know who your target audience will be, what it is that makes Instagram unique from other social networks, why you need Instagram for business and how Instagram will integrate with other social networking sites to boost your brand.
  • Showcase your products and/or services with vibrant and attention-grabbing visuals –Instagram is a platform that helps its users engage on a more personal level by sharing images and videos. Even when it is business related, there is no better way of getting personal and a bit casual with your clientele than through social media.

Your images and videos should help you build a more engaged fan base, drive more sales through traffic to the site, connect with influencers, showcase your products and services, increase brand awareness and above all, create a good relationship between you and your customers.Used correctly, Instagram is a great inbound marketing strategy.

  • Build content that is meaningful – review your goals and add meaningful content to your vibrant images. Captioning every frozen moment is an added advantage because that way, you will have the opportunity to give your audience some convincing pieces that will enable them to see why you are the best in what you do. So, as much as you are keeping it visual, add a content theme to it and you will be good to go.
  • Maintain your brand aesthetic value – Evaluate the existing visual representations of your brand including but limited to your logo, your content, your website and your graphics. Do you have an established color palette with all that? Do you have a nonchalant and warm tone in your pictures? Is your Instagram content reflecting your objectives? Well, consider creating a unique and personal guide that will help you maintain that aesthetic value for your brand.


Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.


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