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Social Media Tracking Tools For Your Business

Social media marketing can provide a greater outreach for your brand than any other forms of digital marketing. However, in some surveys conducted with marketers,  it was found that companies were not utilizing social media properly. Whether it was a lack of planning, poor social media tracking or misalignment with content, there are many reasons why social media marketing may not reach its full potential. One of the ways to get your social media marketing right is to use social media tracking tools. These tools can help you improve your social media marketing strategy and save money in the long run. What are the best social media tracking tools available?


Top 5 social media tracking tools


From social media engagement to tracking conversations about your brand, here are the best tools for your social media marketing.


Hootsuite is a powerful social media tracking tool with analysis and scheduling features

Hootsuite provides analytics reports and access to more than one social media account: handy for delegating work to other social media account managers. The tool can add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Google+ and FourSquare to your dashboard for scheduling posts. Hootsuite’s acquisition of  uberVU means real time analysis to work out social ROI is possible. You can track brand growth, view sentiments about your brand and get to know your social demographics.


With a pro account on HowSociable, you can track the social presence of your competitors on multiple social media platforms. The scoring system allows you to see which social media platforms work best for your brand and which ones require improvement.

Simply Measured

If you want a premium tool to track your paid, owned and earned social media activity then Simply Measured is a useful reporting tool for you. The tool measures engagement across the major social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram and the competitor/trends analysis is especially helpful.

Social Mention

Tracking accounts on over a hundred social media platforms, Social Mention is a powerful social monitoring tool. It rates social media content on the categories of sentiment, strength, passion and reach. With a glance, you can see social media landscape or you can delve deeper into the analysis.


More controversial than other social media marketing tools, Klout measures your brand’s social media influence. It also suggests influential content that you can post on social media. The Klout stream may be useful for gauging interest levels on social media and it is a confidence boost to know your brand scores highly.


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