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Twitter is a busy place where many people have a lot to say throughout the day. A glimpse of the newsfeed every minute will confirm this. Twitter is without a doubt one of the best platforms for social media marketing for this very reason. When used properly, online businesses can gain the attention of their target market with the least amount of effort.

If you are reading this then you probably already know the benefits of tweets. You are posting, sharing, advertising and doing what everyone else is doing. However, what happens when you discover that your follower number is starting to slip? Let’s say that the last time you performed the measurements for your online marketing, you found out that you are losing followers and fast. Where did it all go wrong? Are the reasons simple or not?

Twitter is a busy place where attention spans are even shorter than the tweets.

It all comes down to “Twitter is a busy place.” When there are so many voices to be heard yours must be more compelling to prevent being filtered out. There are certain golden rules you need to apply here which are different from other digital marketing methods such as content marketing and inbound/outbound marketing. Here are four things you should do to mitigate your loss of followers.

Being unfollowed on Twitter: the reasons

Tweet regularly and often

With so much going on followers have a full newsfeed every day. For you voice to be heard over the rest, it needs to be strong and loud. It also has to be raised repeatedly throughout the day. Tweet regularly but spread out your tweets evenly so they don’t feel like an onslaught of spam! Tweets at least four times a day to remind your followers that you are active. You can let a digital marketing agency handle your tweeting activity or Twitter management tools to help you there.

Make it a mix of things

What good is an influencer if he/she can only talk about a certain topic? People get bored easily and are bound to block you out for this very reason. Make sure you offer a variety of tweets on your Twitter account before the attention of followers start to waver. You can share tweets about the recent books, movies, restaurants and beautiful places you visited recently. You can also share tweets about events and shareable quotes from other Twitter influencers.

It is not marketing if it is obvious

Let us make it a point that whatever you are doing on your Twitter account is for the benefit of your business. You need leads, traffic, customers and repeat buyers for your company. You need people to acknowledge your presence and refer you to other potential buyers. For all this to happen you need marketing. However, tweeting day in and day out about your company and products will get you nowhere with the community on Twitter. Studies have indicated that your social media is more effective if you share about your business services/products only 10% of the time.

Make your followers feel your presence through conversations

Social media is all about socializing. Engage your followers in conversations about different things they are interested in. That way you get to know them on a personal level, discover what appeals them and what are their concerns in this world. This way, you can create more effective and attention-grasping content to keep your account alive and healthy.


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