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Deploying Instagram for SEO marketing

Instagram is excellent for both uploading and filtering images related to your life, as well as, work. The more important question we need to ask is; does Instagram boost your business on search engines? Let us explore effective ways of using Instagram for organic Search Engine Optimization and growing your social search networks.  Marketers are already aware of the importance of ranking high on the Search Engine Results Page. Brands are actually relying on being discovered via a search for building, growing, and boosting their businesses. Marketers and SEO experts, however, are left to wonder and experiment about the role and value of Instagram.

Will Instagram boost your SERP rankings or is it simply a visual showcase for your business? Experts have confirmed that Instagram would be contributing to your search engine rankings. It is a fact that you could be successful in ranking high in the SERP results by publishing top quality and relevant content. But effectively integrating social discovery tools such as Instagram could be boosting your SEO rankings much more.

Role of Instagram in Boosting Your Search Rankings

Everyone loves and is obsessed with Instagram. More than 55 million pictures are actually shared daily and that figure keeps growing phenomenally. In order to make the fullest use of this social media platform, you have to be clever and really smart with the pictures you are sharing and also with your promotions & campaigns. Moreover, you must treat Instagram as an integral part of the overall SEO. You could, for instance, opt for Like4Like to boost your brand following.

Come Up with a Complete & Comprehensive Brand Profile

It is crucial to make the most of the existing profile information section. You could start by including an appropriate image which could be of yourself or your company logo. Incorporate a hyperlink to your website. You must share gorgeous and interesting relevant images to drive attention to your specific brand. Instagram users would be seeing your image, liking them, and engaging with the attractive visual content. They would want to learn more about you or your product and finally, they would be clicking on the vital link to your website.

Leverage the Hashtags

You must use the relevant keywords and hashtags as that would make things easier for people to locate your pictures and you could boost engagement with your shared photos. Follow the dictates given below while using hashtags.

  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your message and the brand.
  • Create a customized hashtag for tracking, organizing, and promoting contests while using the visual platform called Instagram.
  • Stay away from using excessive hashtags.
  • You must know and use trending and hot favorite keywords and hashtags.

Linking Your Other Social Media Profiles

You must consider linking your Facebook and Twitter profiles to the Instagram account for sharing everything you share on Instagram along with your Twitter and Facebook accounts concurrently. This is the most effective way of boosting your visibility and building more engagement. Add a relevant hashtag for enhancing discoverability.

Create a Unique Brand Story with the Photos You Share

Make the most of Instagram for effectively showcasing and educating your potential customers or the target audience about the benefits of using or experiencing your product. You may share photos and short videos relating to the product. You could consider sharing various types of images that could fascinate your fans.


You need to be resourceful and imaginative for maximizing online visibility and brand’s impact. Using Instagram effectively is surely the best way of boosting brand awareness, raise customer interest, and inspire and motivate purchases.

Author Bio:

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. Learn more on Like4Like Instagram technique on his blog.


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