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How Will Voice Shopping Change The E-commerce Realm?

In this top-notch competition, businesses are finding new ways of the advancement. Especially in the Magento eCommerce development, there arises the need of the methods with which you can improve the performance of your web store. It can extend from customizing its features, adding chatbots and even introducing the voice shopping for better results.

Studies have proved that about 20% of the queries that come into mobile app and Android devices use voice search. And, this count has increased in past years up to 35%. Sensing the same, there is no exaggeration in expecting that we have entered into online voice arena where consumers have a good hold on voice recognition.

So, what can be the probable reasons for this transformation?

Let’s check.

There are several reasons why voice search has become predominant as compared to the text queries. The primary one is the ability to mimic natural behavior. Machine learning advancement has resulted into better voice recognition software. And obviously, when it comes to choosing the easiest, the consumers prefers to speak instead of type.

Above all, voice searches are easy to complete as users can provide more details in a less time. And, the result is accurate enough.

Ideas To Best Fit Voice Search Into E-commerce

 In the voice-commerce wave, Amazon seems to be the leader with the birth of Alexa, while there is a long list including Apple’s Siri, Google Home and Tmall Genie by Alibaba.

Let’s check how to implement the voice search in the best possible way:


  • Follow best SEO practices


With schema markup, it becomes easy to achieve enriched structured data that gives detailed product information and in turn attracts potential buyers. The search engines grab content elements and tags via schema to identify the desired relationship and deliver a seamless experience. An added step can be the revision of your sitemap so that search engine bots can crawl it easily and you will appear on the top of the search results. This organic SEO marketing strategy will ensure that your site remains relevant in spite of future algorithm updates.


  • Add natural language search queries


Experts believe that voice searches will occupy the place in almost 50% of the eCommerce sites by 2020. Here, a technique called natural language processing is used to turn natural phrases into textual content. The reason is, meeting the needs of expressive consumers. Machine learning is also used as an effective approach here to deliver better results. Machine learning when used in combination with the AI displays the most relevant search results for each buyer. For instance, few firms can be seen to reap 50% more revenue by upgrading their search bar with AI technology.


  • Input organic language to the content


Another fair approach is to use natural language for optimizing your site’s content. The voice searches are believed to consist of long-tail including questions that give priority to the high local search results. It produces the need to migrate from text-based Google search to the natural language for everything from product titles to the descriptions. Another aspect is to add a FAQ page containing phrases and keywords that people use in general for conversation.

As it is obvious that voice shopping results in huge comfort, there are outrageous impacts to notice.

Do continue reading:

  1. Technology has a great impact on how consumers are doing online shopping. The brands are focusing on voice-based interfaces; Amazon is its good example with the launch of Alexa. The process is, one can ask Alexa before placing an order and get relevant suggestions.
  1. Amazon is in great demand among the brands to give a large scope of advertising that charges higher placement on few products or categories. There are few instances when it is tough for the small brands to get noticed at the initial stage where the new style of advertising settles to allow other players in the market.
  1. One more important aspect is to notice a shift in website content in order to facilitate voice search. With voice search, consumers can be more expressive with long-tail keywords and questions.

Summing Up…

Technology never waits for anyone. You only need to run as fast as possible with the best quality stuff in hand that you can add to your web store from time to time to keep it updated. The voice-activated searches demand your site to be optimized for voice search. Here, your SEO tactics must change from typed searches. If you need to ask a query to a voice assistant, it will be certainly different from a typed statement in a casual form. Long-tail keywords cannot be kept untreated here.


About the Author

The writer of this post is Paul Schroer. He is an expert Magento web developer and writer at PSDtoMagentoDeveloper, a leading Magento web development company. The ultimate goal of his write-ups is to shed the light on the upcoming eCommerce trends including voice recognition, chatbots and likewise.


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