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Follow These Off-Page SEO Tactics To Make Your Website A Google Favourite

Often we hear people asking which is more important – on page or off page SEO. To do well in whitehat SEO, you have to get as much close as possible to the audience, gain their trust by building relationships and establish your authority by occupying a leadership position in your business niche. As you can make out, the activities that you have to undertake to achieve these goals will have to take place beyond the website pages and best termed as off page optimization.

The purpose of creating websites is to gain mileage in marketing by being attractive to search engines as well as users. Being able to do it would help earn good ranks in search results that increase visibility and outreach. To achieve it you have to take a slew of measures in on page search engine optimization. Hence, to succeed in SEO, it is necessary to have the right blend of on page and off page SEO.  Although on page SEO is what most people talk about, ignoring off page SEO could prove disastrous for the campaign. According to the experts at, an SEO company in Paris, off page SEO is the force behind any successful business. In this article, we will discuss some best practices in improving off page SEO.

Rebuild broken links

The rebuilding of broken links, when done correctly, will strengthen on page backlink acquisition, and build a healthy backlink profile. To start the process, you have to identify and locate the broken links first by scanning websites that are compatible with your business niche. When you find some sites that had defaulted and is currently displaying 404 error pages, obtain a snapshot of the page with the help of Internet Archive’s way back machine that shows the page when it was active. Getting the lead, you can now recreate the page, update it and improve it with valuable content.  Now, you can contact the websites that still link to that page, tell them about the broken link and tell them that you can offer a more current page of the same content that is much improved and thus welcome them to link with your page.

Make more use of infographics

Using infographics that stand out from lengthy content is an excellent way of drawing the attention of viewers who find it quite interesting and relevant. Since infographics make use of visuals and displays information in a more organized and concise manner by highlighting the most relevant parts, it becomes easy for viewers to consume the content rapidly and more meaningfully. Moreover, the visual display of infographics is much more effective in connecting quickly with viewers most of whom use smartphones and other mobile devices for browsing the internet.

Guest posting

Let there be no doubt that guest posting still works for building relationships with industry peers. At the same time, it aids the process of acquiring back links. It needs some hard work and excellent PR skills to get closer to some of the authoritative websites in your business niche so that they agree to publish your content. You have to create high-quality content that others feel difficult to refuse and convince them to accord some preference over others in publishing it because there is likely to be some rush for publishing guest posts and you may have to stand in the queue. The exposure you get from guest posting helps to drive more traffic to your website.

Use the social media

As a marketer, it is your sole intention to create close connections with consumers and enter into backlinks relationships with them that pays back well. The better is the relationship you enjoy with consumers, more loyalty they would express for your products and even become ambassadors for your business. All this you can achieve without having to spend anything but by making proper use of the social media. It is almost mandatory to have a social media presence for your business as almost all websites have social media buttons. Start interacting closely with existing and prospective consumers, answer their questions, participate in debates and keep them engaged closely.

Expand your reach for SEO

Join forums and platforms that help to interact with new sections of the audience that could become your consumers some day. By answering questions regularly on platforms like Reddit and Quora, you can expand your authority and reach by sharing high-quality information which when received well by the audience will increase your popularity.  By cleverly leaving a link in the posts that lead to your website, you should be able to drive more traffic to your site, which is the ultimate goal.

The actions you take would give results after some time, and you need to have the patience that is necessary to succeed in SEO.

Author bio: Jessica Broad started her career as a schoolteacher then the attraction of computers and technology drew her close to online marketing. She is currently working as an associate with, an SEO company in Paris. Fashion designing is her hobby.


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