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Avoid These SEO Mistakes!

As far as search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned, one thing business owners and promoters need to know is that there are more don’ts than do’s in SEO now to get the desired benefits. The best practices in SEO keep on changing day by day, so it is essential for to the administrators to correct themselves from all the adverse methods and ultimately streamline the process on the right track.

When it comes to SEO, there are two aspects as on-page and off-page SEO to work on. As we discussed in another post in this series, search engine optimizations specialists do have better control over on-page SEO elements, so the mistakes are easy to spot and clean up. Comparing to this, fixing the off-page components is much difficult as it is mostly out of control.

If you have experience in hiring an SEO company for your business, then you may have probably come across these common mistakes providers tend to make. Here we will discuss some of the significant mistakes SEO providers tend to make, but must be avoided for better results. Find out what you are doing wrong with SEO!

Critical mistakes in off-page SEO

Mistake 1: Spam commenting

Many comment spam providers provide cheap quality spam comments in their blogs with a promise of increasing the ranking to top for over $250 a month. There is a real problem with comment spam, which usually the business owners are not aware of. Merely leaving comments on other blogs with a link back to your business site has nothing to with the rankings now. All these links in comments now are considered to be ‘no follow’ links, which means the search engine bots now simply ignore them as ranking factors.

Mistake 2: Bulk purchase of links

Many ‘so-called’ smart SEO providers sell links to the websites. However, it is now a shady black hat technique, which brings you no benefits now. There are a couple of things you need to know about it.

No.1: Google and other major search engines are now experts in sniffing out which are the paid links and which are genuine. SEO Company Boston experts say that the extra money you have to spend on bulk link building has no value now.

No.2: Search engines are more concerned about the relevancy and authority of the linking sites than the number of links in assessing the value of a website. When buying links in bulk, you do not know where these links are placed. Even if you sell watches, another blog discussing real-estate deals may be linking back to your site, and it only helps to create some negative value for you ultimately.

Mistake 3: Article promotions

Article marketing is an old-age technique for SEO, which is still being followed by many. It is typically writing articles for the top-traffic sites like with links back to your site. This deed intends to get your content placed on many a high-traffic website and attracting consumers from there to your site. Even though it sounds good initially, it is not useful after Google’s Panda update.

So, just do not waste time by creating hundreds of articles for various sites when you can use this time more efficiently to create original, informative content for your own website and try to promote it through different channels.

Mistake 4: Too much effort in directory submissions

It is also similar to those which are mentioned above. There are thousands of online directories to which you can submit your business and get listed. It is not mandatory that you have to be all these directories to get ranked. Develop a standard practice for this.

  • Be on the most popular – It is a fact that people us directories many times. So, get the list of the most popular ones to list yourself. You can also take the assistance of the software like Yext to list your details on top directories at once.
  • Local directories – It is imperative to have a presence on the most relevant local directories you specific target group tend to use. If you are a member of local business associations or chamber of commerce, ensure that your business is listed on their sites.
  • Industry-specific – There may be top directories specifically in your niche, so it is important to get listed on those to be noticed.


Some extra off-page SEO tips

If you do blogging by creating informative content, it is best to do this on your own site rather than depending on some random blogging platforms. Rather than focusing on volume in terms of content or links, modern-day SEO demands more quality. So, the mantra to success is to be more user-oriented to become more search engine oriented. All search engines have streamlined their algorithms to near perfection now as to provide their users with the best possible results against their searches.


Author bio: Chris Harris is the co-founder and leading consultant in a leading SEO Company Boston, who used to do blogging through his own private platform to help the search engine optimization newbies to gain knowledge about the latest aspects of it.


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