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Have you ever thought why your website is not ranking well on Google? Are you satisfied with your online site’s page ranking? Are there less conversions in sales coming through your website? Well, you should think hard, especially if you have invested in search engine optimization for your business. As an entrepreneur, you may want to track and measure the results of your digital marketing. If your website is not attracting targeted visitors, this is a problem you need to nip in the bud.

What does bad SEO look like?


A SEO disaster weakens your website’s online site’s visibility in search engines. When your prospective customers enter keywords or phrases for your company’s search queries, they will not be able to find you. This is a surefire way to tell you are experiencing bad SEO because search engines rate websites according to relevance. Another sign of SEO disaster is a drop in organic search rankings; your website simply disappears from the top search results that you have worked hard to achieve.

For many businesses, search engine optimization offers an opportunity to capture larger shares of niches by making them obvious as a result of search queries related to that niche. A SEO disaster prevents niche content from being found. The more optimized website and its content, the higher will be its Google ranking, which of course can draw more web traffic. These days, high quality, relevant content is so integral to SEO that optimized content has to be prioritized.


How to reverse your SEO mistakes?


Search engine optimization is crucial in strengthening your website’s ranking. If you ignore SEO disasters, your website will remain hiding in spite of your efforts to promote it. Your competitors can enjoy the top most positions of search engines. They will likely snatch almost all your current market shares and kick you off the market. What are the ways to prevent a SEO disaster or mitigate the effects of one?


Clean up your backlinks


Toxic links have been a main concern in today’s search engine optimization since the implementation of the original Google Penguin update. Fortunately, there are innovative tools that aids in the investigation of all backlinks, and those that can endanger page rankings. Why not consider the latest version of Web CEO Backlink Quality Checker, along with its extensive reference data. You can also use this backup plan that covers unique toxicity formulas.

The checker aims to pinpoint those links that are working at its best, and those that have penalized the website rankings. All you have to do is deactivate poor quality links through the updated Google Disavow tool. As reported when using these tools, you can find links that create negative impact to your site rankings. There are also those that provoke search engines to eliminate site pages from your search results. Here, you will find all types of links with precise anchor texts that will surely harm your page rankings. Also, be extra careful never to provoke Google with these irrelevant actions.


Neutralizing toxic links


Neutralizing toxic links simply stops them from harming your website’s ranking further. How it is done will require you to select a chosen website to verify existence of toxic links. You can go back to the Checker tool bar and do the manual checking yourself. Here, you can select a number of backlinks that have been tracked down and analyzed. You may utilize the formula that specialists have created for you or select according to your needs. You can choose the “Competitor metric” report to get all the best backlinks of your website, which you have to do manually.

Once the Backlink Quality Checker determines those individual links connected to your site, you then proceed to the “Toxic Link” report to find bad backlinks that greatly affect your page rankings. These are bad links that need to be eliminated using the “Google Disavow” tool. Ensure you have thoroughly checked all possible links you want removed from your website. Otherwise, the links can weaken your backlink profile. You may wish to choose the Plus sign for more details of suspected backlinks. This is a possible reason why these links are classified as toxic.

The next step is to choose “Report” where you have a selection of bad links that Google should ignore. You are then directed to the disavowing process, which will erase your backlink profile. Whether good or bad backlinks, these should be thoroughly monitored through a widget in your checker. The report should be useful especially when implementing digital marketing for your business.


Improve your site through strategic SEO


Hew are key points to help you boost your search engine optimization:

Keyword research: You need to choose carefully your keywords-long tail and short to optimize your website’s visibility. It involves researching, comparing and analyzing your phrases to select the main keywords that help your site generate targeted traffic via search engines.

Compatibility of URL for SEO:  Ensure your website URL and inner pages are user-friendly in terms of content, coding and tags. Within those pages, your visual content needs to have alt descriptions that contain relevant key phrases. You may want to utilize content marketing to help you draw traffic to certain pages of your website via search engines.

Site Map Test: Many online sites utilize “sitemap” tag for search engines to crawl their website. Sitemaps are usually XML files, which assist in listing online sites’ URL.

Optimized Content: Creating relevant and updated content is an effective way to increase your website visibility. Your content also needs to be optimized for mobile devices; Google guidelines use a mobile friendly test to see if your website design is user friendly on mobile.

Social Media Presence: You may also wish to invest in popular social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to draw more consumers to your website. When in doubt about your social media management and content schedule, you can outsource this to an agency with more experience in social media promotions.

Outsourced SEO professionals:  SEO professionals with a track record of SEO in your industry will help you get more qualified leads. They have the powerful SEO tools and proactive methods to keep your website on top of SERPs.


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